[SLG] Hypnosis App Apartment ~What Showing My Pussy is the Standard Greeting Here, Right~ [EnglishMTL]

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催眠アプリマンション ~えっ? 住民の方と会ったら、おまんこ見せてあいさつするのが常識ですよね?~

Circle: Heat Warning
Release: Jun/01/2020
Translator: Dell96kill
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Foot Job, Breast Sex, Masturbation, Blowjob/Fellatio, Outdoor Exposure, Orgy Sex, Hypnosis
File Size: 255.94MB

Mai Ootsuki is a university student who just moved into her uncle’s apartment complex.
Her uncle suggests she help out around the complex in exchange for lower rent, but it was a trap.
He uses a hypnosis application to get her under his control.
And so her days of being used by all the men in the apartment complex began…

* Played with a mouse.

In this game, use the hypnosis application to control the heroine Mai, and enjoy her lewd reactions.
Start small by having her flash you her panties, then escalate further and further…

[H scenes]
All H scenes are animated, and involve hypnosis situations.
Creampie sex, walking around the apartment in panties, daily naked greetings,
forced masturbation broadcasts, etc.

Includes multiple endings.

Mai Ootsuki
A university student living by herself in her uncle’s apartment complex.
An easy-going and cheerful girl, with no sexual experience.

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