[ACT] Blessings on This Flat Loli! [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: MizudeppO
Release: Mar/12/2021 0
Work Format: Action
Genre: Anime, Loli, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Tiny Breasts
File size: 1.44 GB

An action game where you control a cute magical girl and aim to escape.
The operation is simple! Escape from the oncoming threat. If you shoot explosive magic, it will slow down.
There is no choice but to shoot explosive magic in a safe place.
And if you get caught by an enemy, you’ll do naughty things!
Of course, if you can escape, you can continue playing.​

☆ Selling point
・ All basic CG and H scenes are animated!
・ Full HD resolution [1920×1080] 30fps animation ♪
・ Explosive daughter full voice, 4 costume differences available
・ 4 etch scenes each
・ Display in gallery Trial version before purchase Please check the operation with.

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sound broken for anyone else?

whoever made this game should burn in hell!!! i really thought it would be even a little bit enjoyable. all i got was the lowest excuse of a hentai-game you will get for a few weeks. she is extremely weak, it makes the game absolutely unenjoyable. one jump and she has to rest and gets raped by this *iforgothisnameknight*, try two jumps and she will get raped by frogs.. i couldn´t even get close to the end, because i had to restart the first level nearly 10 times and ended up smashing my keyboard on the table. if you like… Read more »


The game is definitely Machine translated despite having only like 20 lines of dialog. Almost every time explosion should be said in the text box it is “Crack” instead and the punctuation is very off. Also a few lines are still in Japanese even when using English version of text. A bunch of weird lore choices for this game as well. First Kazuma should have no practical benefit to reaching him. It instead should have been the other crimson demon girl since she has teleport magic. The boss chasing you should have been the general they fought in the Crimson… Read more »


The game doesnt seem to play as advertised on DLsite, feels like its meant to play on a lower framerate, it’s absolute fucking ADHD


grabbing onto ledges is completely broken. As a platformer its buggy af & I also got very frustrated & gave up on last level. last level is mostly grabbing onto ledges but its extremely unreliable to work properly. At least the animation is gud.


I think I do something wrong.Settings and stage menu doesn’t work


the only thing that is possible to do is jump, and it is not even well configured and you cannot jump half the time, impossible to pass the first level not even, but the style and the idea of the game its okay , my note is 4/10

It’s true that I have a potato for a computer, but it’s damn poorly optimized.
Leaving that aside, great game.


I tought everyone was just being a bitch so I downloaded it and tried it by myself and hooooo booooy. It sucks ass, the animations are good but jeez, you can’t complete the first level ‘cuz of this stupid jump glitch. I figured that you can actually jump if you stop running and do like 2 steps backwards then run again forward and jump but still. like 99% impossible.


If you can find a gamepad to play this, it’s easy as a pie.
For wall-climb, press and hold up stick during jumping, upon touching the cliff, press/smash the jump button again.


Hello there to anyone reading this in the future, guys above me that are whining about the game being impossible are literal clowns. They probably don’t know about the thing called “wait-and-jump” technique, also imagine getting stuck at stage 1 lmfaooo XDDDD

The game IS broken at some points but its still possible to beat. Though just a warning about stage 4, holy fuck that stage is fucking hard and buggy