[RPG] NTR Knightess Leti – Magical Remote Viewing [English-Machine Translated]

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Circle: wandowando
Release: May/11/2020
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothed, Woman’s Viewpoint, Female Protagonist, Cuckoldry (Netorare), Shame/Humiliation, Interspecies Sex, Cosplay, Bunny Girl
File Size: 168.82MB

Knightess Leti is Assailed By Innumerable Pleasures

Leti, knightess of the famous Ano Castle, has just gotten engaged to her long-time lover Albert.
But in the midst of their new happiness, orcish bandits capture the castle! Leti just barely escapes,
but Albert isn’t so lucky… Now it’s up to Leti to save him!
She’ll undergo all manner of trials, but she can’t even imagine the pleasure that awaits…

A famous knight captain. Engaged to Albert.

Leti’s lover. A skilled mage that watches over his fiancee with remote viewing magic.

Bandits that have taken over Ano castle and kidnapped Albert.

H events begin once Leti’s H status increases.
Change Leti’s pose art with a special item! 6 items total
Includes clothed-only events.
Events will change depending on Leti’s level of debauchery!

30 base CGs not including pose art

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Has a good game
I really liked it, I really loved the prostitution option and I liked the fact of the Netorare …
I really like this type of game without mentioning that I love the genres of prostitution, netorare and female protagonist! <3

Good Game But i found bug and i can not play until the end of the game.