[RPG] Succubus Puttel ver.3.13 [English]

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Circle: 62studio
Release: Oct/04/2019
Translator: Green Thoughts
Language: English (edited MTL)
Work Format: 
Genre: Male Protagonist, Breast Sex, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man, Succubus/Incubus, Big Breasts
File Size: 632 MB (1.38GB)

A boy who lost both his parents to succubi lives together with his older sister.

Days after hearing rumors that a grand party will be held in a far-away castle, his sister suddenly disappears.
At the same time, succubi start appearing in large numbers, looking to turn humans into their food.
All on his own, the protagonist sets out to find his sister, and will face off against countless succubi to finally get to her.

*A reverse-rape BFRPG (Battle Fuck RPG)- All characters have a reverse rape scene!
If you cum 3 times while fighting a succubus, she’ll drain your semen and you’ll get a defeat scene.
If you lose to the same succubus twice, you’ll get the defeated ending!
Includes lots of dominating females, and voluptuous breast play!

* Game difficulty can be chosen.

Full unlocking feature, Reminiscence Mode, and quick progression items all present!

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I have been waiting for this translation. Thank you so much.


oh god, what made this guy use \! instead of \n for linebreaks? Idk if I’m setting my bars too high, but for me this is borderline unplayable.

Rance Sill