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Circle: danbo-rumansion
Release: Japanese 2014-10-01, English 2020-07-06
Translator: bazeeeng
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Breasts, Successive Orgasms, Coercion/Compulsion, Rape, Transforming Girl, Shrine Maiden
File Size: 431.37MB

Translator Notes:
About the game :
– Has 2 ending : 1 BAD END and 1 NORMAL/TRUE END.
– You can do virgin run right away, if that’s your thing.
– All the scenes and CGs will be unlocked once you complete the game. No need to grind for that.

About Translation :
– Kyuto original name was キュトー and can be translated as Cute.
– Hanako Toilet? Yes, that’s her real name (or alias) (トイレの華虚).
– Ayamo (彩茂). His name is the only one that has no Kana version listed, so not sure if I read it in the right way.
– The “Shrine Maiden” actually can also be (and perhaps should be) translated as “Exorcist”.
– I translated the town’s name as Nurumayu, while the official DLsite page translated it as Tepidwater.
– The “Youkai Brothers” speak in Broken English (or Engrish, if you will).

* Story
Mio encounters ghosts in the haunted town of Tepidwater.
Drawing on the power of Kyutoh the Spirit
she finds her own strength as a ghostbusting shrine maiden.
For the sake of Tepidwater, Mio will expunge the ghosts!

* System
A classic RPG with simple systems.
In a short time you’ll be making progress!
No game over or setbacks if you lose a battle (with a certain exception).

* Animation
Battle scenes and H scenes feature sometimes fierce, sometimes bouncy motion graphics.
The enemy attacks are also animated! Gut punches nad bear hugs, etc. ligh ryona.

39 animation CGs
8 mini animations
Lots of variations and other character battle anime

31 scenes, with text variations

RPG Maker VX Ace RTP is required

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VERY different compared to the other Party games made by danbo-rumansion. Instead of running, dodging and puzzling, you are more expected to grind yourself levels up. Not my cup of tea but enjoyed it.

If you were looking for something similar like Dungeon Party, i recommend Hinata Escape, which is also on this site.