[SLG] Female Offerings are Spirited Away (JP)

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神隠し しょぅじょ贄

Circle: Bakery
Release: May/23/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Vore, Rape, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Loli, Youkai
File Size: 595 MB (2.8 GB)

The setting is a village in the countryside. Summertime.
Girls are enjoying their summer vacation. That is, until you sneak up on them in real-time…
It starts with whispering, and surprising, and soon moves on to spiriting them away,
turning them into sexual offerings for evil spirits.
As a god of punishment, lots of options are available for you to do your work…

* 13 offerings
Shrine maidens, small deities, kimono girls, white one piece dress girls, tanned girls and more!

* The story changes based on your decisions
The story changes depending on what order you choose the girls in, how you deal with them, etc.
H scenes also differ based on how they are spirited away.
Includes many different endings with different atmospheres!

* 26 base HCG, 230 variations
Demons, tentacles, beats, spiders, birds, all kinds of evil spirits will assault them.
Contains impregnation, vore, gangbanging, expansion, bondage, petrification, dollification, yuri, even pure love!

* New game+ support
All information you gathered about the girls carries over, in addition to your powers.
Hints for branching routes are added, along with shortcuts to the next offering.
These features make it easier to search for new endings!

* 3 Difficulty settings. Difficulty can be changed anytime after the prologue.

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how to play this I can’t get through the first girl.


I am also having a problem pressing the button at the beginning of the game to zoom in … could someone help ???

Last edited 4 months ago by jhonny Kyuorhan

For people having trouble understanding, be happy since it uses Unity we can use the auto-MTL from https://github.com/bbepis/XUnity.AutoTranslator.

I tried using the BepInEx but failed to hook, so I use the ReiPatcher one, follow the instructions there.

Personally I wanna help mapping the controls for you guys, but since there are something kinda like skills in the game it’s better than nothing to use Auto Translator. Cheers.


Worked Fantastically, would have never though to try that Mucho Thanks Dude!
just started second lap trying to get all the things unlocked, translations like this im guessing are a tad off but atleast it playable to some extent.


Nice that you actually finished it, I have trouble with the girl who bring dog, so I stopped playing now. The grind for CGs kinda real in this one too. Have fun.


yeah, trying to unlock the “night time” CGs is kinda tricky. but its kinda fun i played Marunomi a while ago and looks like this was made my the same people…


Ah yea, same circle “Bakery”, and yep noticed the “information is not enough” even for the first tutorial girl. Well, I might try again sometimes, it’s just the grind is too real for me lol, sometimes I still can’t even understand what the skills supposed to trigger.


Hello,can you help me installing ReiPatcher into this game.I just bought it and cannot figure it out it wont fuction with the game.Im using windows 10 64bit laptop,maybe the laptop has something to do with it?


You followed all the instructions already? Download from the site, place it on the root game folder basically the same place where the exe is, then double-click the setup, then double-click the new shortcut that showed up, then it should be good to go.
Are you still connected to the net while playing? Because if you somehow went offline while trying to play, it won’t translate.


For those that are having trouble with some of the routes im trying to get a complete list done for those that want it anyone got any recomendations on how to do something like this please as i’ve really enjoyed this game and want to give back in the form of a “spoiler free guide”


Put the guide in a pastebin or google doc and paste a link to it here


So because its not easy to understand what you have to do ill try explaining how the game works as best i can   The goal is to find the girls and sneak up on them which means building up the blue bar (keep the left mouse button pressed) before the red one fills (which lets the girl escape) You can build up your energy with skills (right click on icons) which lets you either move faster or let the girl ignore you when she looks at you, if she looks at you for too long she gets energy which… Read more »