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Circle: KOJIRO
Release: May/09/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Successive Orgasms, Sexual Bondage, Sexual Training, Restraint, Captivity, Rape, Squirting/Gushing, Collar/Chain/Restraints
File Size: 854 MB

*Run 少女屋.exe for JP or SHOUJO_YA.exe for EN

Active Time SEX Training Simulator

[Product description provided by the creator.]

The training scenes are all animations.
The number of animation images used is 2884!

– Girl’s physical power gauge

– Girl’s CUM gauge

– Trainer’s ejaculation gauge

The real pleasure of this game is how to train a girl in these three time gauges!

Isn’t Active Time System difficult?

You may think, but it’s not difficult.
Apart from levels, the more you cum a girl, the more likely she is to feel training.
It is adjusted so that the level goes up smoothly.
In this game, all training menus are playable from the start.

However, if you try to climax the girl in the advanced training menu in the early stages …
Will definitely faint.

Faint, Cum , Multiple Cum

Enjoy this growth process.

You can also continue to train fainted girls.
it’s up to you.

See also the sample image for a detailed description of the game.

Resolution 1500x1000px
Animation 30fps

Some Gameplay Tips:
1. start bidding the first 2 girls at 5000+ mark and stop after 9000 or go for 10000 if you feel lucky so the other 2 dudes won’t have enough money to win against you when bidding asuka (according to in game information they have 30000 and you only have 20000 so do the math)
2. your goal when training is making her has orgasm as much as possible. she get more passion with each orgasm with specific action, and her interesting increase after each level up (and probably with multiple orgasm too, not sure).
3. climax spot (just click this spot, no need to click randomly)
vibrator egg/cunni: clitoris
finger: g-spot
sex/dildo: cervix
after click the spot you only need to move your mouse (no need to hold mouse button) until the gauge appears and just leave the mouse inside there, no need to move it.
4. after climax if she doesn’t have much power left then click outside the cut-in/x-ray image to stop the climax minigame and wait for her regain power
5. after climax if she does have power then keep moving the mouse inside the cut-in/x-ray (no need to hold mouse button) to start the multiple climax minigame right away (optimize her power, it always drain in climax minigame)
6. always keep your eyes on her power bar

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that face


that game has some serious performance problems


wtf…. if u max the passion and the interest she collapses every time u touch her…. did i do something wrong?




Data error: SHOUJO-YA [JP-EN]\SHOUJO_YA.exe

The same happens to the japanese version of the exe file.