[SLG] One Room: Runaway Girl v1.2.3 [JP-EN-CH]

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1room -家出少女-

Release: Aug/10/2018
Last Modified: May/09/2020
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Cross-section View, Girl, Uniform, Romance, Pure Love, Internal Cumshot
File Size: 489MB

Thanks ryuuzou for sharing the file

Rundown and beat by the endless busy day to day drudge of work…
Late one evening, a girl calls out to you on the railway platform.

If you let her stay at your place, she will alleviate your stress, she says.
She will surely cater compassionately to your every need and desire.
As long as you use protection, she will even condone your sexual approaches.

Whatever you do inside your room, is up to you.
How you spend time with her and what kind of relationship you kindle…
The freedom to decide, rests in the palm of your hands

* Haswell HD Graphics or later Intel CPUs do not support 32 bit OS.

Changelog (Google Translated):
◆ v1.2.3 – 2020/05/09
Stroking the head improves touch operation of kiss

【Bug fixes】
The touch operation at the time of returning the Pile doesn’t work (Windows version v1.2.2 only)

◆ v1.2.2 – 2020/05/04
[Additional language support] Supports Simplified Chinese text display
[UI change (album / scene recollection)] Category switching function added (changed to separate additional update content)

【Bug fixes】
When you return to the room screen with “Turn on skirt → Put on tights → Keep around here”, it freezes when it coincides with the bath confirmation timing
Even when it is returned to “shallow and gentle”, it responds to “deep and hard”

◆ v1.2.1 – 2019/09/06
【Bug fixes】
The background when getting the trophy becomes pure white

◆ v1.2.0 – 2019/09/01
[Additional language] Supports English text display (Added language switching menu as an option)
Allow application background activity

【Bug fixes】
“@” Is displayed at the end of some lines
Some gymnastics sit and grab sheets that shouldn’t be there (corrected text)
Images are not displayed properly when moving to rear cowgirl while wearing underwear → from behind
The page feed speed setting is reversed (slower is faster, faster is slower)
Images are not displayed properly if you change into underwear and proceed to pumice back
The state of “Unread skip” and “Unskip with option” is not saved as an option
Stroking your head lowers your likability (which is essentially the opposite)
The display of the skip button is not properly synchronized with the skipped state

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aaron luigi

relaxing games.. this is my recommendations




Where to find the save files of this game? Nothing pops up even I’ve already change the settings to show hidden files.


Cute game similar to Imouto! Life ~ Monochrome but nowhere near as polished. Would love to see uncensored and wish both had a lot more poses (Though I’m still figuring this one out. Haven’t progressed past the basic ones or know how to H when she’s out cold)


Please update to the version v1.2.3


With the new update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.3 just copy and paste the file from new patch and replace the old ones. Your saved data are in [1room_data]. Just make a copy of the old one just in case if you are afraid of ruining your saved file.

Last edited 4 years ago by CGO
Lurking Troll

Seeds please


mb for this but for some reason the game wouldnt continue, i need to exit then go back in to progess further

hisham asd

where can i find a 100% save file ?




Anyone have 100% save for v 1.2.3?

Last edited 3 years ago by Requiem