[ACT] Splatter Beach ~Side-Scrolling Erotic Grotesque Action~ ver.S04

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スプラッタービーチ ~横スクロールエログロアクション~

Circle: ankoku marimokan
Release: Jul/05/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Splatter, Rape, Swimwear, Idol, Psychotic, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 190MB

Mutsuki was the member of a struggling idol group,
and was on a photo shoot on an island with the other members.
However, just as they started wrapping up, there was a zombie outbreak on the island.
Will Mustuki be able to escape these monsters and safely return?

A 2D side scroll grotesque ryona action game.
Control the micro bikini Mutsuki and defeat zombies and bosses to complete stages!
A secret entrance to a hidden stage is included.
The captured idol members are violated by zombies and are enduring torture.
If you manage to escape you will get powerful items,
and if you let them die you will see their pitiful ends!

[H Pixel Animation & Death Pixel Animation – 70+ Types Total]
In addition to zombie rape, hang bang, gut punch, tentacles, and insects,
get eaten by monsters and end up in pieces!
Step on a mine and blow up!
Get swallowed by a giant meat pot!
Get skinned alive!
Get skewered!
Enjoy a variety of unique and cruel animations.

22 base CG
CG mode / Pixel animation viewing mode / stage selection implemented
5 stages total

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I’m a big fan of ankoku morimokan’s works! Lots of sick and twisted images in this one, like the background character impaled through their asshole with a beach umbrella or getting raped by a port-a-john.