[ACT] The Adventure of Anise – Side Scroll H Action Game

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Circle: ankoku marimokan
Release: Dec/14/2012
Work Format: Action
Genre: Fantasy, Gangbang, Interspecies Sex, Warrior, Big Breasts
File Size: 190.52MB

When the monster hordes sprawled across the land,
the gods called on young girl Anise to become a Saint Knight.
For the sake of world peace, Anise embarked on a holy crusade
to suppress evil. Her adventure begins.

2D side scrolling ero action.
Fight with all your might to slay the ecchi minions in skimpy bikini armor.
Face off against monster boss girls who stand in the path of victory.
If you can capture the boss she’ll yield special H scenes!

Each stage is dotted with items that will aid your journey.
Help Anise grow stronger through experience, exploration and
collection of the sacred “Aetel”. Learn up to
13 unique skills and magic incantations.

If you lose all your energy the monsters win.
Enjoy ecchi fail scenes throughout the game!

When enemies attack it boosts your Sperm Reserve Gauge.
Use this for various benefits such as faster magic casting
and convert reserves into Aetel.
Watch out! When the Gauge is full you’ll get pregnant with
the enemy’s offspring, give birth, and reset to zero.
(Check your stats for how often you give birth.)

Various situations and interspecies sex:
goblin / orc / slime / tentacle / gangbang / milking / object penetration / more

31 pixel anime scenes
32 base CG images (131 total)
Voiced action parts (CV: Maria Ayane)
CG mode & anime mode replay
8 total stages

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I found The adventures of Anise to actually pretty enjoyable: even though its not translated into english, The boss battles and Learning the menus is quite satisfying.