[RPG] My Secret Summer Vacation ver.2.0 [English]

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Circle: Osanagocoronokimini
Release: Jun/27/2017
Translator: Hoshi
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Cross-section View, Anime, Loli, Shota, Mature Woman/Milf, Onesan/Older Girl/Older Sister
File Size: 1.01GB

Upgrade Information
Sep/28/2018 – Addition of contents, Others

This young male protagonist spends his summer
vacation on a rural island at his aunties house.
Enjoying his days, he gets along with elder girls,
ladies and the other young girls on the island in
this summer time animated RPG.

A somewhat nostalgic feeling emanates from the
entire summer setting. The time passes gently.
Enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, retro style snacks,
bottle collection, cat searching, insect catching,
insect battles at the secret HQ and more!
You can enjoy a very authentic, old school, rural
style, summer vacation experience of a young boy.

Except for one point, this vacation has a “SECRET”.
Something you won’t be writing in your illustrated diary.
Awaiting you is some naughty hanky panky!
Pick up porno magazines, peek on the girls bathing,
watch erotic TV late at night and of course…
perform all kinds of mischief on the girls while they sleep!

Of course, you can foster your relationship with the
island girls and form a secret bond with them.
Who you wish to do this with, is entirely up to you.
University girls, mature woman, young girls, a young boy.
10 characters with many possible pairings.
OneShota (Elder Girl x Younger Boy)
ObaShota (Mature Woman x Young Boy)
LoliShota (Young Girl x Young Boy)
ShotaShota (Young Boy x Young Boy)
(* You can turn off the BL content if you wish)
Various situations await you! Handjob, titjob, fellatio,
missionary, cowgirl style, anal sex, sleep sex / mischief, etc!

All erotic scenes are After Effects Animation with
sound effects and including variations contain 350+!
(* Cross-section cuts can be turned ON / OFF as you please)

Multiple endings, difficulty options and New Game+ features!
For both those that want an easy to complete game
and those that want a challenge with lots of replay-ability.
– Reminiscence mode, achievement medals included!
The insect battle mode, has an original unconventional system.
For those that dislike insects, their pixel art can be changed.
Message skip, sound level adjustment, battle fast forwarding,
key config and other such user friendly features included!!

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Pongphit Suwansunthorn

I have a problem game can’t progress the text box didn’t have any text and can’t do anything offen.

Lurking Troll

When I run the game, II just get a big white box. Any help?


will this be updated with version 2.0 anytime soon? translations are out as well

H oshi

So my TL Work from ULMF found it’s way here without credits…
1st, it’s symplexity work for 1.71 and my work to convert and tl the new parts to 2.0
To thoose who have trouble with it, kindly go to ULMF and post them there.

gerardo perez

i don’t know what happened but, How do I activate x-rays?

Zidane Ihza

Anyone have the full savedata? this game is hard


Walkthrough 1.7: https://attachments.f95zone.com/2018/04/95222_95213_Walkthrough_updated.txt Walkthrough 2.0: 3rd loli (Hinako/Hina) cross the bridge and meet the girl on the way on the next day, go to the cemetery on the next day, go to the temple on the next day, return to the temple and read the porn-book (first sex) starting from the next day (before noon?), she will be in the temple ready for any kind of mischief (Loli-knowledge is not needed; Vaseline – probably for sleep rape) on the 28th day, come to the temple in the morning, she will kiss you and say goodbye. Even after such hot love… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by a-drummond

Anyone got save with unlocked gallery for 2.0? Please


Where i can find lantern? And where are all locations of named fish? Please someone help me!!


Can somebody tell me how to open that door far right from the base? And where is the temple?


good game


A really really good game