[RPG] Legend of the Master Baiter ver.1.05 [English-Uncen]

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Alias: Legend Of The River Queen ~Goddess of Inzu Peninsula~
Developer: BigWednesday
Publisher: Kagura Games
Released: 22 Jun, 2024
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Adventure, Male protagonist, Shota, incest, Milf, Monster Girls, Pregnancy, Rape, Parody, Vaginal Sex
File Size: 818 MB

Since ancient times, the Inzu Peninsula has been home to a variety of fish. Legend tells of a mysterious fish known as the Goddess of Inzu, and as the story reaches your ears, you’ve decided to make it your life goal to catch this mystical fish! However, the path to fame and glory is lined with many obstacles, and it quickly becomes apparent that you won’t make it far on your own. With the help of your loving aunt, your dependable partner, a grizzled sea captain, and a host of other colorful characters, you’ll hike, row, and sail your way across the Inzu Peninsula, snagging and reeling your way to greatness one catch at a time!

Embark on a thrilling new adventure as you work to uncover the legend of the Goddess!

Discover and catch 50 incredible species of fish across lakes, rivers, and the open ocean through heart-pounding Fishing Battles. Along the way, you’ll deepen your bonds with the people of Inzu and help them with their problems to unlock new areas to fish in and explore. And of course, don’t forget to fill up your aquariums with the fish you catch and decorate them with the décor you find!

And yet, despite how it may seem at first glance, it’s not all about fish on the Inzu Peninsula. On your journey, you’ll collect many highly sought-after Pakkuriman stickers and be challenged to a number of Pakkuriman Battles! Will you be able to find a sticker rare enough to put the competition in their place? Only time will tell… And if you ever need a break from all the excitement, you can take care of the fish you’ve caught, read up on their characteristics and histories, and even raise a community of Sea People!

Inzu truly is a land brimming with mystery and adventure, so do your best to uncover the secret of the Goddess of Inzu and become the greatest Master Baiter of all time!

Thanks for All the Fish
Catch 50 kinds of fish, big, small, and everything in between, through intense Fishing Battles! Once safely in an aquarium, you can observe any fish you’ve caught at your leisure and even read up on fun facts about your favorite species.

A Secret Base Fit for a King
Collect all sorts of different objects and décor, then customize your secret base to your liking! But why stop there? Fill your secret base’s closet with a wide array of costumes so you can show off and catch fish in style!

At Land or at Sea, Adventure Awaits!
Meet an eclectic cast of characters who call Inzu home as you walk the path of the Master Baiter! Whether it be bumping into an old flame, facing off against the Animal Elite Four, or exploring a ghost ship, you never know who you’ll encounter or where you’ll end up next!

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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you can check story, three different catches and pakkuriman battle from that gameplay