[RPG] Crossing Brothel ~Tales of an Interspecies Bordello~ [English]

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Circle: Crossing Lab
Release: Jun/30/2017
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Fetish, Abnormal/Perverted, Fantasy, Vore, Interspecies Sex
File Size: 222.48MB

So what is the Crossing Brothel?

An interspecies bordello for male monsters who want to get it on with human females. Working as one of its monster-exclusive prostitutes, Hal is one slutty sex goddess. Impossibly insatiable and easily inseminable, she provides relief to the dark denizens’ hearts and swollen members!

However, sex with monsters on their terms is no easy task. Abnormal conception, petrification, sextoy-ification, fusion, liquification, corruption, demonization… When these creatures unleash their demented desires, their partner gets far more than the usual status effects. Regardless, Hal gladly takes it all without a second thought, and that’s why she’s their shining ray of hope! Like a harebrained angel of mercy.

As the player, you control Hal and can enjoy depraved sex acts with numerous monsters.

Extreme fetishism featuring 24 sex scenes full of transformation!
* 10 types of shape deforming (flattening, spherical, size change, etc)
* 6 types of material shifting (petrification, onahole, food, etc)
* 8 types of species altering (demon, beast, possession, seedbed, etc)
No matter what disturbing mess she comes out as, the brothel owner will fix her up using a little forbidden occult, so there’s no need to worry!

The main application (exe file)
– An exploration style RPG with no battles.

Walkthrough Notes
– Contains hints for unlocking every scene!

* 24 different sex scenes!
– In almost every scene, Hal will undergo some kind of transformation.
– Covers some niche fetishes, so it’s not for everyone.
– Being centered on transformation and monsters, many of the scenarios could be considered deviant or even grotesque.
– But not to worry, the art style can’t get very gross. We aimed for light-hearted, pleasurable TF fetishism!
– Remember, this is a whole different world populated by dangerous monsters! Be ready to leave your human sensibilities behind.

Scene Examples
* Get it on with a gargoyle to be left a petrified statue, frozen in a moment of pleasure, staring into the skies with vacant eyes.
* Lay with an incubus to be absorbed into the creature’s cock, only to be shot out transformed into cum.
* Make love with a Slime to be melted, mixed up, and made into a goo girl.
* Be used as a living pocket pussy by an ogre; have your body and soul possessed by a ghost; get disassembled in a creepy clown’s magic show complete where the whole audience can participate; and more!

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