[ACT] Flower Witch ver.2.4 [JP-EN-CH]

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Circle: misinkoujou
Release: Jul/31/2019
Work Format: Action
Genre: Tentacle, Bestiality, Insect Sex, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Futanari/Hermaphrodite, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 132.51MB

Thanks ryuuzou for sharing the file

Language Settings are found under: 「options」→「その他設定」→「言語選択」
Select「英語」and return to the previous screen to get English.

* Story

Kurosane the witch and her student Nako run a magic store deep in the woods.
One day, they come across a white flower that they have never seen before.
Its pollen had the power to put monsters into heat to violate humans…

* Action

The protagonist Nako is a flower witch in training.
She uses magic flowers that she gathers along her journey to perform magic.
Use the morning glory to strike through enemies! Or use the sunflower to shoot seeds
and carefully move forward…
Mix and match your preferred styles of magic to play!

* Monsters

Various monsters that are unique to their areas (forest, lake, mountain, etc.)
are in heat and will come to attack!
If you’re captured a monster will use sexual or violent attacks through a variety of situations.
Over 66 monster types! All monsters have more than 1 capture pattern!

* Futanari Mode

If pollinated by the white flower, a monster girl goes into futanari mode.
Of course, this rule applies to the protagonist Nako as well.
When Nako is in futanari mode, she can violate defeated monster girls in return!

* Collectibles

At the rest stop, you can view your book of items and monsters.
By obtaining certain items you can unlock the page for it.
In the monster book, you can enjoy viewing the motions of Nako’s defeat!

* Other

– Dream Gallery
Half-way through the game, you can re-battle bosses that you’ve defeated.
You can adjust the level of difficulty and test your skills!

– Yuri Dungeon
By progressing the side event, you can explore a high-level dungeon.
After completing the trials, you can obtain a powerful wand!

– Physical Status
You can view the records of Nako’s H experiences.
See her first time partner, or display her fetishes!

– Game Play
This is a faced paced action game.
Though you can use a keyboard to play, we strongly recommend using a gamepad.

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is there any english translation for this game.. please~


For the people downvoting this guy, maybe consider reading that his comment is 5 months old already and the game is just this month got the official DLsite translation, be careful before trying to antagonize by downvoting when having no ability to read. Thank you very much.


hello ryuuzou, any idea how i can use items such like small healing potion and stuff, can’t figure it out, would be great to know, having troubles to play this game without items, thanks in advance!


You can’t “use” any items in this game, they just get recorded into the exploration log with flavor text and to the monster log with h-animations if it’s a monster drop Healing items sometimes drop when killing monsters, and you can find a magical flower that can drop you healing items when you use it under the Witch’s magic shop if you hit the peaches growing under it. It goes without saying but I also recommend setting the game to easy difficulty because enemies deal a ton of damage otherwise, and I think healing items drop more often on easy… Read more »

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