[ACT] Nyctophobia ver.0.2 [English]

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Circle: GuroMangaSan
Release: Nov/03/2020
OS: Windows
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Ryona/Brutal, Big Breast
File Size: 67.6 MB

This is a simple 2D side scroller game featuring Rin, a bio-weapon created by the Lab to destroy the source of Infection in a world full of mutated monsters.

The game has a dark theme with piles of dead bodies, dark atmosphere, and deformed monsters.

* This game features sexual and violent scenes, as well as depiction of grotesqueness.

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Its a demo version btw. Pls leave your thoughts about how to improve it. Thank you. 😀


Add a dash/run feature, change level design as its too linear, at the moment I collected the weapon and school uniform screen went black, lack of real danger as normal enemies can just be stun locked with hits. Personal gripes: lack of exploration and things to collect (power ups, health, etc.) lack of real enemy variety (ik its a demo so thats why its a personal gripe)


Thank you for your feed back. I’ll try to implement levels with stairs and ramps as the jumping button is sorta useless right now. The character’s HP refreshes when you enter a new scene, I need to change that, which means collectable items such as health potion will be added. Lastly, for the scene that went black, did it work the second time you run it? Since it does not always behave like that and Im trying to figure out the cause of it.


I played it, you have TALENT! I like the creepy atmosphere and the sounds, and those background images. I made it to the weird spider/body thing and it ended with me having eyeballs on my head, is the best I can describe it. Artwork was really good, keep it up!


The eyeball monster can only move when the lights r out. u can just walk pass it when its bright.


Just in general, I highly recommend taking a lot of inspiration from Sinisistar since that’s the best 2D side scroller hentai game of this type. Look at what that game does, break it down and try to see how you can build on those ideas.


I actually started making this game after playing Sinisistar, so there r many similar elements. Art is the difficult part and Im working on it


The game is neat so far, i just miss some rape scenes to make it more enjoyable.


Well,I`m surprising you also have an account at here.By the way 小布 needs you!


wait Really? she didnt say anything to me. Im glad to help tho.


Well,actully I mean it has been a long time since I saw you in Vault.Then I saw this post at here and I thought your game just been stolen. But facts show you just made an account at here.Anyway why don`t we speak to Chinese to each other?(-_-|||)


好像真的已经过了一个月了呢 = =。 游戏的知名度现在还是太低了所以我想多在几个平台上发。