[ACT] Kikaku Kakusei -Kikoki RUSU- ver.2.02 [JP-CH]

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Circle: Serurebu
Release: Apr/27/2015
Work Format: Action
Genre: 3D Works, Violation, Tentacle, Machine Sex, Loli, Tiny Breasts
File Size: 95.82MB

Kikaku Kakusei -Kikoki RUSU- is a 3D polygon + 2D side-scrolling erotic platformer
The game has 3 difficulties – EASY, NORMAL, HARD

Clothing is “last chance” HP – get damaged or overheat and lose clothes
If you lose all HP and all clothes, you get a game over (no event)
There are assault CGs and special assault CGs for losing boss battles

There are no requirements relating to a “virgin” play of the game
Even if you get assaulted or a game over, you will not be stuck with negative stats

About RUSU

RUSU is the protagonist trying to escape a naughty laboratory
She has 5 attributes: strength, body, barrier, radiate and circulate
Her main attack is two types of burning attack (BA)

About enemies

RUSU can learn about the enemies – biology data and two movement pattern data
Biology data is acquired in the lab – Acquire it to display enemy HP
Movement data is acquired in battle – Acquire it to sense an attack alert

About “levels of desire”

“Levels of desire” are collectibles scattered around the lab
Collect all levels of desire in a stage and unlock a bonus CG (with event)

About the CGs

CGs display in real-time sex (no variations)
Main story = 6 HCGs
“Levels of desire” = 4 CGs (Add-on content is planned)
Real-time sex = 15 patterns

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i hope the ENG version will coming soon..


Holy moly!!!

Muchos gracias for granting my request!

Now I can get firsthand info on the game for my wiki.

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не очень