[ACT] FIGHTING GIRL SAKURA ver.150130 [English]

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Circle: Umai Neko
Release: Feb/02/2015
Work Format: Action
Genre: Fighting/Martial Arts, Interspecies Sex, PE Uniform, Ryona/Brutal
File Size: 323.66MB

* About the game
A 2D side-scrolling action as a young girl vs. enemies in a parallel world

* Controls
z = M.atk (main attack)
x = S.atk (special attack)
c = Avo (avoid)
s = MENU
1key = hp potion
2key = mp potion
You can purchase new skills in the store

* Game system and statuses
When Sakura’s health is less than 50% she starts to lose clothes
Nudity shames Sakura out of her ability to attack
You can restart from the left checkpoint

Str: M.atk and Def boost
Dex: Avo and refresh boost
Sta: Max.ph and Hp.rec boost
Men: Max.mp and Mp.rec boost
Int: Not applicable

* Created with
Gamemaker 8.0, Unity 4.5

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