[SLG] Lost Life ver.1.51 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: Happy Lamb Barn
Release: May/26/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Anime, Loli, Roommate, Blowjob, Vanilla Sex
File size: 168 MBNOTE:
HappyLambBarn (The developer) directly contact me to change the sharing file here to the DLsite version.

– First-person view Touchy-Feely Flash Game
– Hand-drawn Animations All in 30FPS
– Experience free and easy touch function
– Different drags trigger different sex piston speeds
– Easily use the left and right hand AUTO functions
– Detailed Undressing Features

◆ Sound Materials
Tiger Lily / CV: Ryou Suzuki


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Last edited 1 month ago by HolyCum69

No news this month ig 🥲


I don’t know what kind of update they going to do and we all have to wait until we have the upcoming update I hoping the update will be good for Lost Life and I don’t know they going to update for this month and I don’t see nothing new on https://lambbarn.fanbox.cc/

Last edited 1 month ago by LoveAnime7890

I need new link for 1.5 please.


I wanna buy the game from the dl site. But it says for that the game is for pc only. any idea where to buy the android ver?


You just have to read this: https://postimg.cc/vDCLQW7p LT80 ・No plans yet. ※we are planing on releasing our last LL 1.5 EA version in April, and that will be the end of the LL EA version’s updates. ※The testing version is about to come to an end; even though there won’t be any more rewards up here after that, we will still invite new blood to join us from time to time, and maybe, just Maybe, we might come up with some new plans with this place in the future. No new “early access” content!!! No new positions! Do you get… Read more »


Sorry for asking you guys and just wanted to know are they going to update lost life for this month


I would love to see passing out from excessive orgasms or even in the blowjob scene if you hold her head down for too long.
More anal would be great too. Lube her up and decide whether to try and stretch her with your fingers first or just try and shove it in. Obviously that would hurt.


when next update?


Does anyone have a 100% save game please?


No update for this month?

Sanic Hegehog

Save “Day 999”:


Copy “HLB02_Core_dev_1.5.sol” to localhost

(->…\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\… ->…\localhost)


Hi guys, how to get a doggy scene after felatio scene? And how to get a bath x scene after relax for increase stamina?


Anyone having issues getting the horns to show in the latest update ? I have tried for days and with this update it never shows. I have done it before but this time its just not working


A anyone knows why No update for Lost Life because I don’t know that why asking anyone knows


I made a play through series, if anyone is interested in understanding the new 1.5v update. First and Second part are just getting her horny, Third part is mostly trying to get all positions.

MEGA Links
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Final)


Yo mods this guy above me is wilding. Being rude.


Does anyone know
1. if it’s possible to skip bj scene
2. if i HAVE to play with her (if you know what i mean) after laying next to her and patting her head when she’s sleeping, or can i just skip that (my stamina bar goes down VERY slowly)


Does ver. 1.51. Dev mode enabled?