[SLG] Lost Life ver.1.52 [Multi Languages]

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Circle: Happy Lamb Barn
Release: May/26/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, Anime, Loli, Roommate, Blowjob, Vanilla Sex
File size: 168 MB

HappyLambBarn (The developer) directly contact me to change the sharing file here to the DLsite version.

◆Version History

Ci-en: https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2852
Check out our Ci-en page for links to the various social media platforms which we are using!

– First-person view Touchy-Feely Flash Game
– Hand-drawn Animations All in 30FPS
– Experience free and easy touch function
– Different drags trigger different sex piston speeds
– Easily use the left and right hand AUTO functions
– Detailed Undressing Features

◆ Contents
Contains missionary sex, doggy style, blowjob, and cowgirl style scenes.

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Lost Life 1.51 dev
I didn’t post it, but it’s a sin not to share


is there another game like this out there that is also available for Android? doesn’t have to be similar but at least there’s some action or interaction, not just reading through texts like visual novel.


Uhuuu HLB just made a post on the Cien website saying that this master will bring news to LL lol


VCXZ seems to bee in trouble with fanbox. Hope he doesn’t get banned


News are out!!! https://lambbarn.fanbox.cc/posts/6429886
It seems the bulk of the work went to the Dog Princess game, lots of QoL there.
For Lost Life we only got 1 gif with the new toilet sex scenes, it looks good tho.

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my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


Pretty lightweight update on LL but Dog Princess is looking genuinely amazing.
I just hope it runs ok on android when all updates are done since my notebook is garbage…


Okay so I already made her orgasm over 20 times without penetration but I still get no horns on the heart container at all. Also never cracked the container either.

Is this a bug?


Hi guys we don’t have lost life new update yet and I don’t know why is taking so long I hope when the time come they release the update I hope that is good we don’t know how long they need to the finish Lost Life New update release and we just have to wait whenever they release of Lost Life New update


Is there a way to play on android?


can someone please, PLEASE post a guide on how to play this game properly? i really have no idea how to play it, everything causes the heart to crack, it feels like i dont make any progress at all… and it’s a shame! the art-style is really nice and im dying to see some “action”…


What happen to Lost Life update and we are waiting too long and I don’t when Arthur going to release the new update of Lost Life and New update have to super good and what month author going to release the games 🤔🤔🤔🤔


Is there a way to remove censorship from the game?
the game is marked as uncensored game, but when I run the game it is censored

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