[RPG] Survival RPG Alisa x Desperate City [English]

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サバイバルRPG アリサ×絶望シティー

Circle: Ankoya
Release: May/15/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Heroine OnlyCoercion/CompulsionInterspecies SexPonytail

* Note
This game is powered by RPG Maker MV.
If the battle animation becomes slow please save & restart the game for some hardware reasons.
There is no auto-saving system in this game.

* Story
I’m Alisa Miyazaki,
A college student you could find anywhere in USA.
I planned to pay a visit to aunt Dorothy who lives in Ruststone City this summer,
but I lost contact with her about a week ago.
I’m so worried about her that I set off to Ruststone City by motorbike.

* Content

Zombie survival RPG
Explore the fallen city, find supplies and fight monsters.

Erotic Battle System
The enemies use H attacks when your HP is low.
There are about 20 H-Scenes.

You action in this game will lead to different endings.

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Is it me, or theres a bug that during battles the two sprites appear as black squares instead of their real sprites…




It’s the first time I see a RPG Maker game use this much RAM memory

The game is good, but the memory management is lousy … it can overload the RAM memory and close itself, so save constantly

Some text are not translated