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おねショタA-RPG 夢から醒めた亡者

Circle: excessm
Release: Oct/19/2019
Translator: =Together=
Product format: Action
Genre: No Reverse, Harem, Elder Girl x Younger Boy, Orgy Sex, Reverse Rape, Submissive Man
File size: 1.7 GB

PC game software for Windows.
4GB of RAM, 2GB or more of free HDD space.

An One x Shota (Elder girls x Younger boy) side-scrolling action RPG for adults only.

Featuring over 41 enemies, all female.

Get ero bad end events for every character, including regular enemies and bosses.

45 total ero events (including unique events)

3 ecchi attacks for each female enemy, and 6 animation patterns.
120 total ecchi attacks, with cut-in CG animations for each. 240 total animation CG.

Fast tempo combat: Use your deadly magic sword to cut through enemies quickly and advance

Contains save data with all adult-only scenes unlocked.

Contains low-quality mode for limited PC resource usage.

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Nice, I requested this, thanks Fapforfun-sama


Half of window is black