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Circle: Summoner Veil
Release: May/08/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Prostitution, Internal Cumshot, Violation, Slave, Rape, Tentacle

** Special upgrade **

Voice additions!!
We have added an event scene voice!!
Masaki Phan also lent her voice to this.
(*You can also hear her on the trial version)

—- Story

Marie, who had completely lost her memory, lost her way in the snowdrift town “Itomea”.
The only thing she remembered was her name….
Why and for what purpose had she come… she did not remember.

When she talked to a man in the area, she realized that she was dressed only in underwear.
She asked a man whether there was a clothes store, but she needed money to buy clothes…

As she did not have money, she was encouraged to use her body to go into prostitution…
Marie was not too keen…

“Something is strange here. I need to get out!”

Marie realized that her body was in danger and she fled the town.
She left the town and went to the forest, and it was “Itomea” where she should have gone to.

Marie decided to become a prostitute to earn her daily wage.

Marie’s adventure in which, in order to escape from this strange town, she needed to call on the fragments of her memory, had begun.

—- They used Marie’s innocence like a toy…

In this strange world, Marie was attacked and engaged in a variety of erotic scenes.
The man came to her like a lover, but the following day Marie was gang-raped!

The terrifying monster was relentless, and attacked the adventurer Marie!
Would Marie be broken by the various forced erotic scenes that she faced, such as prostitution, rape, inter-species rape, and torture?

—- Game

The individual world with a mysterious atmosphere can be enjoyed. This is an unusual whimsical fantasy RPG.
Mr. “Python” is looking after the script and production.

Fight off the men who try to exploit Marie’s beautiful body and recover your memory.

Marie continues to wander multiple times around the world of dreams…
Collect the fragments of memory and try many times…until learning the truth…

—- RPG manufacturer MV

Please check the operation with the trial version.
This is produced with a resolution of approximately 800 x 600
RPG manufacturer MV to display illustration larger.

—- Heroine

Name: Marie
Age: Don’t remember
Family structure: Don’t remember.
Upbringing:Don’t remember.

Personality:Serious, positive and bright personality.
Very proud. Thinks negatively about sex.
Hobbies: Don’t remember.
Special skills: Don’t remember.

Words she likes: Don’t remember.
Words she hates: Don’t remember.
Things she likes: Don’t remember.
Things she hates: Don’t remember.

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