[SLG] Erotic Train [JP-EN-KR]

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Circle: witCHuus
Released: Sep/19/2023
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Dot / Pixel, Anime, Student, Outdoor, Slice of Life / Daily Living, Pregnancy / Impregnation, Molestation, Outdoor Exposure
File size: 38.64 MB

Sex game with girls on a train
You get on a train with only women and you are naked.
But nobody cares about you.
Feel free to have sex with any girl you like.

1. interaction
You can interact with a girl by pressing the Z key towards her in the following order.
“info check>disrobe>sex.”

2. rank
Girls have ranks, and higher ranks are harder to interact with.
Ranks vary according to occupation, beauty, breast size, etc.

3. ability value
The ability value tab is used to increase physical strength and ease interaction.

4. missions
Completing a mission will raise the grade of the girl who appears.

5. nude mode
Once you have completed all the missions, you can enter “nude mode” where the girls are stripped naked.

6. graphics
Dot animation
3 body sizes x 8 body positions x 4 breast sizes x 11 faces x 15 outfits x 10 bangs x 12 back hairs…”

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A fun little pixel art H-game. Animations are pretty good, there are a handful of positions and a ton of body types. Gameplay isn’t too long and is only a little grindy. I always enjoy these randomizer NPC sex games. Good for a quick fap.

Gameplay rating 3/5
H rating: 4/5

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