[ACT] Explorer of the Golden Planet ver.1.31 (JP)

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Circle: Acid Style
Release: May/11/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Clothed, Female Heroine Only, Dot/Pixel, Nameless Sex, Interspecies Sex, Futanari/Dick girl
File Size: 165 MB

*Some files and folders with japanese name are messed up. But the game is working fine.

* Summery *

Most lands have sunk underwater as a result of large scale wars which
took place all over the earth. Humans barely reestablish civilization and
its maintenance requires a large amount of resources.
However, most resources on the earth have settled on the seafloor!
It is almost impossible to search out and salvage them!!

Therefore, the Government of Earth launches a new planet exploitation project
which is first-ever throughout the history of humankind!!!

* Planet Exploration ACT *

The scene is a planet close to the earth!
Let’s collect resources on the planet and make money!!
Discover mines to exploit, living organisms to take organic materials from
and outlaws to fight for procuring weapons and bullets from!!!
You know, the law tends to be loose on an uncivilized planet!!!!
Of course, on such a dangerous planet you might be involved in some trouble!!!!?

* Various NPCs *
This time NPCs are associated with various positions, situations and groups!!
They are for example engaged in battles, roaming around and sometimes r*ped!!!
You can get their assistance if you are helpful, or they may have grudges against you if you betray!!!?

* Solid Gallery Mode *
Employs “Freestyle Gallery” that was implemented in the previous work!!!!
Includes Normal Gallery for simple viewing too!!

* Loose Gameplay, Hard Taste *
This time the action is a bit difficult!!
This game may seem like that “Dark” learning-by-dying type of game, but don’t worry!!!
There are no game over and insta-death traps! You won’t lose items!!!!
The only penalty for being knocked out is losing money!!!!!
Moreover, you can improve the protagonist’s parameters a lot!!!!!!
Even if confronted by a strong enemy, I think you can win
by strengthening the protagonist again and again and again!!!!!!!
Good for you, young fellow!!!!!!!!

Changelog (Google Translated)
Version 1.30:
-Added data reduction pack. Instructions for use and reasons for addition are in a memo inside the pack
-Added new map “Cold Iron City”. Can be invaded from the Iron Desert.
-Added 4 types of erotic dots for players.
-Added 3 types of NPC erotic dots.
-Adding naked difference of additional data.
-Added new modules for light machine gun and combat shotgun. It can be used by creating a blueprint in the same way as creating a special weapon.
┣ Light machine gun: Can be created with a boss destruction reward in the cold iron city.
┗Shotgun: Can be created if a Popo event is in progress.
-Added new plug-in “Biological resource scanner”. Placed one each at the Erzurie Mine and the City of Cold Iron.
・ Minor bugs, balance, correction of notation, etc., reduction of unnecessary data
・ Following the second lap, the place where the player cannot progress due to self-destruction or the like and is unable to proceed is fixed.
-Fixed that the healing effect of the stront remained when the status was reset in the lap setting.
・ Fixed AI stuck due to cyborg NPC guard processing going crazy.
-Fixed incorrect employment conditions and ability when dispatching NPCs to volcanoes.
-Fixed that preview characters did not reflect the actual firing mode and rate of fire of some modules on the equipment management screen
・ When using the resource absorption plug-in, the speed of attracting resources was delicately slow, so accelerate
-Added EN auxiliary supply effect at the time of short circuit to the leakage prevention plug-in
・ Changed the EN recovery inhibition on flames to half the recovery speed instead of decreasing the fixed value.
・ Increased the defense power of the boss “???” and changed it so that the defense power gradually decreases each time it is frightened, and AI cross-linking is improved
-Added the effect to prevent penetration by weak penetrating bullets, flames, and ice spears on mobile trenches.
┗ Things that can’t be prevented: Sword attack, blast. (The arm of intelligent life, laser system, various fighting attacks are basically treated as sword)
-Added the ability to exert the same effect as the Lv4 plasma ammunition scanner for NPC “Nickel”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
-Added the ability to exert the same effect as the Lv4 ammunition scanner for military ammunition only to NPC “Uranium”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
-Added the ability to exhibit the same effect as the Lv2 & Mineral Resource Scanner to the NPC “Iron”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
-Added the ability to exert the same effect as the Lv3 vein scanner on the NPC “Melitz”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
-Added the ability to exert the same effect as the Lv4 ammunition scanner for fusion cores only on NPC “Trim”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
-Added the ability to exert the same effect as the miscellaneous resource Lv1, mineral vein Lv1, and ammunition scanner Lv1 to the NPC “Pluton”. Can be added to the effect of the plug-in
・ Added 3 types of Zako mercenary “Cross-eyed Android”. Employable at the same location as outlaw mercenaries, only appears after defeating AET.
・ NPC “Onyx” lineup, price diversification, number of sales per price, etc.
・ Added the text of each module to the Pioneer Army Library and weapons items

Version 1.31:
-Fixed that the 3rd frame designation of erotic dot in the normal gallery “Weapon Merchant Quartz” was misaligned
-Fixed incorrect graphic designation for some animations in the free gallery “Frozen Queen”
・ Triple extension of a part of animation of Erotic Dot “Frozen Queen”
・ Change the conversation scene before and after the event of Hideto and Floating Base to be viewable in the gallery
-Added a mode with serifs to the free gallery “Quartz”, “Bob Cut”, “Red Hair Hood” and “Shaggy”
-Fixed that the conditions for the rescue event “Iron” were accidentally loosened too much.
-Fixed that cruciform android appearing in the lawless zone had a high status limit value for only one
-In Ver1.3, when the cross was called to the boss “Fisher Merrits”, the display of the android that was first falling was incorrect.

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Chicken Ghost

If this game translated that would be EPIC .

Also i have the version 1.21 from this game a while ago how is yours 1.20 ??

Jonathan Joestar

There is translation going on for this game, we already have 80% translated base. Also it seems latest version is 1.31.