[VN-SLG] Secret Naked Playtime (JP)

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Circle: Ekicon Research Society
Release: Dec/25/2013
Work Format: Visual Novel , Simulation
Genre: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Anime, Diaper, Loli, Bukkake, Internal Cumshot
File Size: 493MB

*If you get black screen, Click the second button on the top left to toggle between fullscreen and window

Yui-chan’s uncle pays a visit when her parents are both at work.
Would she like some help studying? His hand strokes her bottom and her panty cleft.
Uncle is a dirty lolicon.

That night he and another known pervert help themselves to her!
The next day her friend Chika comes over and uncle enjoys a double blowjob.
After their little tongues lube him up he f*cks them both in cosplay!

* The 9th piston anime ADV from Ekicon Research Society!
* Fully voiced lolis: Yui-chan (CV: Momoka Yuzuki) and Chika-chan (CV: Kanon Saotome)!
* Choose to keep Yui-chan drugged and comatose during her night molestation, or
you can have her wake up in the middle with nowhere to run!
* 78 looping anime clips, 10 movies, created from 1756 frames of art!

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Got this one ages ago but still it would be nice to see all Ekicon Research Society games in one place- for now it’s the easiest to get most of their games by torrenting.


I get a black box, eith some weird exe error. Any idea what to do?