[VN] Until Her Amorous Body Corrupts [English]

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Circle: shinachiku-castella
Release: Mar/04/2019
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Woman’s Viewpoint, Cuckoldry, Breast Sex, Blowjob, Big Breasts, Male Domination, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Corruption, NTR (Netorare), Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Dilf, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Censored, Japanese Game, 2dcg, Multiple Endings

* Genre
Strong-minded heroine
Vision-Hijacking NTR (cuckoldry) ADV

* Synopsis
Chiharu, the girl who lives next door is a strong-minded
and a somewhat intimidating individual.

Before I even knew it, I had become attracted to her strength and kindness…
And I thought… that my feelings had finally been requited.

But it turns out that… The perverted creeps working
in the shopping district had set their sights on her and…

* Characteristics
This game features “Vision-Hijacking NTR”.
Which means that ‘YOU’ (the player) can occasionally see what
the heroine sees and know what is really happening behind the scenes.

The game’s protagonist can only sense that something odd
is occurring when this phenomenon takes place.

The stout-hearted heroine’s vision,
will become entangled in the lewd entrapment of male sexual desire
and slowly but surely… she will change… she will be corrupted.

And eventually…
The danger signals in her head will cease to flash…
and you will be helpless, only capable of watching
as things unfold before your very eyes.

With the landlord, a greengrocer, old men in the shopping street…
In her apartment, a mahjong parlor, a hot spring, a love hotel…

And many other situations…

“Enlightened” by true sexual desire…
She relinquishes both her body and heart…
to the perversions of lewd men…

* Multi Ending
Different endings for different story branches.

Hope this satisfies some demands.

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