[RPG] Kiara – The Knight of Icicles ver.1.05 [JP-EN-CH-Uncen]

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Developer: Remtairy
Released: 2022-07-25
Game Format: Work Format: RPG
Genre: fantasy, adventure, female protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, groping, group sex, monster, turn-based combat, creampie, masturbation, rape, tentacle, internal view, anal sex, multiple penetrations, monster girl, ahegao, handjob, titfuck, lactation, BDSM, humiliation, male domination
File Size: 2 GB

Kiara, the strongest female knight in the Tyrus Kingdom, is sent to the Elgia Kingdom at the request of the king to investigate a bunch of strange incidents. As soon as Kiara arrives at the forest to Tyrus Kingdom, she gets attacked by a goblin who starts touching her breasts. Her body is also strangely sensitive and easily aroused now. Will Kiara be able to successfully figure out what is going on?

Kiara -The Knight of Icicles- was developed in 2021 by Sensouya-san, and is one of our favorite eroges of 2021. Seeing how no one localized it into English yet, we decided in 2022 to get it localized ourselves to share it to the world so more people can know about Sensouya-san’s works!

Kiara -The Knight of Icicles- is a simple eroge where you control Kiara, a Lv.99 female knight as she finds herself in a place where all her sexual inhibitions are released. There’s no leveling, no grinding, just purely full of all that female protagonist rpg-style eroge goodness injected into your veins for 3~6 hours. This game is just all about Kiara having sex over and over again so if you like Kiara’s character design, just sit back and relax as Kiara gets her brains and back blown out over and over again in this eroge where the main theme is sex scene progression, as in each of the major sexual events get multiple scenes that keeps escalating the situation for Kiara!

Kiara -The Knight of Icicles- can be played using keyboard only, mouse plus keyboard, or a XInput game controller.

3~6 hours to finish the story and see all sex scenes.

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lot of g”rape lot of cum
but great art and really strong female protagonist.


Remtairy is publisher for this game, developer is war shop (RJ305516). He stated on his ci-en account, that he tried to help them with overseas sales. (https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2068/article/679815)