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Circle: Golden Fever
Release: Feb/27/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Childhood Friend, Romance, Drama/Daily Living, Pure Love, Internal Cumshot, Tease

My childhood friend suddenly came to stay at my room.
Wait, are you a woman!?

I’m at least humane enough to let you stay here for a while if you have nowhere to sleep.
Huh? You’re giving me “AKIRA Point” as a token of gratitude?
OK, so what type of bonus will I get when I earn the point enough?

—- Yeah, I like the bonus.

A simulator game of flirty-dirty cohabitation life with the protagonist’s childhood friend.
Let’s get close to a childhood friend girl Akira in slow days.

Having chats, giving drinks and watching DVDs together…
Akira will show her level of affection in a way of giving points.
She will do slightly erotic services when earning a certain amount of points.
Of course, as the point increases her services change from “slightly erotic” to…

[Relationship with the Heroine]
Her personality is frank but it seems she has something in her mind.
She will show her true self when earning her affection and trust.

In addition to standard clothing, you can get some cosplay clothing.
Sailor uniform, maid, nurse and bunny girl suit.
if you have those clothes, you can ask Akira to use them as her loungewear.
Some H events happen only when she wears corresponding clothes.

37 base CG / 240+ variations
Supports mouse / keyboard / gamepad input
Resolution: 912×624

* This game is created with RPG TKool MV.

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This is a cool game. The dialogue of the characters is at a certain level, not just the usual generic talk. The main male character (the player) is a decent character, and not a bum. Very human. So is Akira. I’ve been playing for 2 hours now and I want to say that I haven’t been as engaged with something for a long time now. The dialogue of the characters, at least for me, is utterly belivable and I find no errors in anything. It’s bascially a genuine VN, I’m only wondering about how long it is. Edit: 6hours of… Read more »

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