[SLG] Witch Island II [English]

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Circle: Alibi+
Release: Jan/09/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Female Heroine Only, Breasts, Witch, Fantasy, Coercion/Compulsion, Interspecies Sex

Tired of fighting the adventurers, Lias left the island to find a new nest.
Another witch, Tiffuny, wants to take the opportunity to take the island.
But things won’t go easy.
Tiffuny have to take the magic spot 1 by 1 to take the whole island.
So she becomes the new owner of Witch Inn.

Hotel + Dungeon SLG.
Cooking, Summoning and this time you could build your own dungeon.
Collect MP from adventurers and beat enemy monsters on the island.

*H-Scenes 22
Our heroines can be a girl or a mature lady.
Some H contents changes based on your heroine’s state.

This game requires DirectX 9.0c.

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