[SLG] Wet Summer Days ver.2.1 [JP-EN-Uncen]

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Circle: Namida
Release: Jan/01/2019
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Fetish, Touching, Masturbation, urination, male protagonist, point and click, incest

Once again, as every summer, you enjoy the slow days at the farm. These are also the days you get to meet your cute hot-headed cousin, Mizuki. Will she be a hindrance once again or will things go differently this summer?

– Story told through choice-based visual novel sequences with different outcomes
– Animated scenes
– A variety of interactive mini-games (sleep molestation, peeking, drinking, RPG fighting…)
– Free movement between rooms, day/night cycle, weather effects and choice of activity
– Different costume sets
– Currency, stats and unlockables

Hi there! Thank you for checking out Wet Summer Days. I hope you enjoy it and if you wish to accompany me in my journey of making other unique games, consider visiting https://www.patreon.com/rayn

Have fun! ~(/:/) Rayn – Namida


[spoiler]- During Drinking Contest wet Mizuki’s clothes by throwing a bottle to her full glass in order to get her to excitement level 2. Then you can touch her under the kotatsu without triggering game over.
– Player can masturbate under the table as well as receive footjob if Mizuki is at excitement level 3.
– Make sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2 or above after the contest in order to trigger her masturbation scene in the bathroom.
– When pee bar fills trigger ecchi scenes by making sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2+.Controls (LMB = Left Mouse Button):
Drinking Contest
Hold LMB/Z – Hold bottle/glass
Hold RMB/X – Pour water/drink
LMB+RMB/C – Enter throw mode

Peeping Game
Hold LMB/Z – Hide
RMB – Leave

H Events
Hold LMB/Z – Short thrust
Hold RMB/X – Long thrust

Debug keys:
Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s excitement; hold shift for player’s
Up/Down – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s bladder; hold shift for player’s
Ctrl+Right/Left – Increase/decrease Mizuki’s affection
Ctrl+Up/Down – Increase/decrease Ecchi Coins
1 – Go to Water Drinking Contest scene
2 – Go to Corridor room, teleport Mizuki to Bathroom
Shift+2 – Go to Living room, teleport Mizuki Outside
Ctrl+2 – Go to Bathroom with Mizuki
3 – Go to Living room at night-time
4 – Go to Town street
0 – Go to Main Menu
F1 – End contest/end countdown
F2 – Cycle Mizuki’s expressions during cutscenes
F3 – Cycle Mizuki’s clothes sets
F11 – Show hide FPS
F12 – Toggle full-screen




– Rain mechanics
All clothes are now wettable
Light and heavy rain
Visual particles
Sound effects
Random chance of rain after the 14th day
Fireflies don’t show in heavy rain
Mizuki won’t stay out in heavy rain if not excited
Couple of talk lines added
Mizu can change into dry clothes
– Japanese translation implemented (switch in settings menu)
– Some fondle interactions when she’s standing will bring her only to a certain excitement level
– Mizu won’t swap clothes when going outside (so for example she can be seen in her pajama or towel)
– Mizu will wear her costume if player brings her to town at night (with costume unlocked)
– Fixed dress not showing transparent when wet and raised
– Other bug fixes and minor improvementsV2.0

– New ~???~ event
· How to access hints
· New area
· Introductory cutscene
· Power levels and progression
· Tutorial
· Fighting mechanics
Various combat effects and statuses
Combat text
Clothes damage
Parts grab
Power level progression
Voices and expressions
Ultimate ~???~

– Post-??? cutscene
– Player cums in mouth during BJ scene
– Press ‘esc’ hotkey to go to main menu
– Some changes to Mizu’s talk lines
– New music, sound effects, voices and sprites
– Icon added
– Various bug fixes and improvements
V2.0 Hero version

– Neko Mode =(^-^)=
· Neko ears
· Neko tail
· Neko talk
– Makeup Mode

· Clothes recolor
· Hair recolor
· Swimsuit tan lines

– Change Mizu’s name setting
– Cheats reworked (activate with ‘H’, see ‘Cheats.txt’ in ‘Extras’ folder)
– Extras folder added

v1.6 Changelog
– Mizu can now do BJ and HJ and will alternate in both kotatsu and bed scenes
– Kiss interaction
– Can now have intercourse in different areas with variations
– Talk interaction
– Mizu will occasionally make various comments depending on the situation
– Mizu’s drawing added in the ending
– Male protagonist’s default name changed to ‘Jun’
– Some interactions (kiss, undress, raise dress, insert vibrator) increase lust
– Mizuki will refuse to take her dress off in town
– Mizuki will redress when going to town
– New sounds
– Speeded up and tweaked animations
– Ending at 4 Hearts modified
– Raised level-up difficulty by ~13%
– Can now undress Mizuki at lower Affect Hearts
– Various minor bug fixes and improvements

v1.51 Changelog
Setting to change how Mizuki calls the player
– Mizuki now reacts through a few emotions and new voices when touched standing
– Mizuki heavy breathing sound added
– Disclaimer added
– Mizuki shows in towel if called in the bathroom during the day
– Raised the threshold for coming together during the drinking game

Bug fixes:
* Graphical bug during drinking game
* Mizuki half-ghost
* Getting stuck when selecting ‘Nothing’
* Crash during sleep

Some more minor changes
Player can have Mizu wear the egg vibrator after buying it in the shop

New interactions after calling Mizuki:
• Pat head
• Tickle armpit
• Rub belly
• Fondle breast
• Pull panties
• Masturbate her

Player can ask Mizu to have her raise her upper clothing:
• Dress
• Pajama
• Towel

– Coins are awarded for each excitement stage and for having her orgasm
– Discord now has proper roles assigned (hopefully!)
– A few new sounds, UI elements and redrawn body parts
– Text can be advanced using mouse wheel
– Short explanation the first time drinking game is started
– Mizuki can be called in the bathroom (again)
– Barging in on Mizuki while she showers now gives the player the option to just interact with her
– Increased overall difficulty by 15%
– Increased difficulty to pee themselves during drinking game
– Reduced difficulty to come together during drinking game
– Fixed game getting stuck in a loop if players come together during drinking game
– Fixed player being able to buy everything by clicking fast
– Various bug fixes and minor improvements

v1.4 Changelog
Important: Game now has a limit of 14 days (infinite summer mode can be unlocked too!) and the number of Affect Hearts determines the ending (bad, lewd, good).
– Vibrating egg during Mizuki sleeping scene
* 3 interactable spots
* 2 operational modes
* Adjustable speed
* Sounds
– Expanded date event to include gift giving + music
– Gameplay structured around 14 days
– Endings implemented
* Bad endings, erotic ending at 4 Hearts, good ending at 5 Hearts
* Good ending unlocks infinite days
– Mizu can be completely undressed while she’s awake in her bed
– Coded ending slideshow
– Peeking changes
* Player can click on peek spots even when inactive
* At night peeking on Mizuki is suggested in a dialogue
* Player can’t peek at Affect Hearts 0
– Rope, vibrating egg and gift added to the shop
– Mizu will wear her gift
– Speeded up room transitions
– Giving the gift now unlocks the 5th Affect Heart
– Reduced difficulty of drinking game
– Scripts improved (thanks to Thomas!)
– Performance improvements (thanks to Stefan!)
– Various bug fixes and minor improvements (thanks to 2dguy!)

v1.3 Changelog
– Wardrobe event:
* Background
* Card game mechanics
* Undressing mechanics and drawings
* Script written and implemented
* Player tied scenario
* Mizuki tied scenario
* Player H scenario
* Mizuki H scenario
– Fixed Mizuki being treated as if peeing when called in the forest
– A couple nasty animation-related bug fixes
– Various bugs and minor improvements

v1.0 Changelog
– Mizuki visits player in the morning at Affect Hearts 3+
– Player can sleep with Mizuki in her bed functionality + cutscenes
– Bed mechanics implemented: open eyes, slide under blanket, light system, camera pan
– Drawn Mizuki sleeping + set up
– Drawn bed fellatio variation
– Mizu’s bed background done
– Player’s bed background done
– New icons
– Kotatsu BJ scene now happens at Affect Hearts 4+ instead of based on current excitment
– 2 new teleporting cheats
– Various bugs and minor fixes


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Vilim Lendvaj


Fap For Fun - Free Hentai Download

Description updated. Now include hint and change-log

r h

Just gonna leave a little review. Overall okay game definitely needed some sort of polishing though the water drinking contest was really buggy, the controls aren’t what they seem. Don’t know what they meant by fight scenes or the ??? scenes only played a solid hour but beat the game was stuck just before the last affection level even though i went a solid 3 days doing every possible
H scene…. I give maybe a 4/10

Gatzinki TheMaid

no me deja descargarlo :c

zaden tatsu

Download not working


Can someone tell me how will she give fellatio or handjob in bed scene? Is it during the night or daytime? I know she will do you in the morning before you wake up but she rarely does it even with 5 hearts.

Rather not Say here

I was wondering if this game is dead?


its just jp i cant play it on eng help pls

Last edited 3 years ago by xXxXx

No way to easily find what you have to click, barely any dialogue besides the same ones every in-game day, no way to get that blanket off her when sleeping together, the sex on her bed when you unlock kissing is a huge turnoff, no instructions on the card game, those awful water drinking segments with some of the most laughable physics in history can be really irritating, the chick assaulted you on your sleep to suck your cock but you can’t even touch her tits? talk about gameplay. Imouto Life Mochrome is much more complete, well-made and passionate than… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by gakun

when I click donwload the download didn’t start