[RPG] Encouragement of Fun Sugar Daddy Hunting [English]

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Circle: Heat Warning
Release: Mar/28/2020
Translator: EvoRobot (Edited MTL)
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Loli, Puni, Prostitution/Paid Dating, Internal Cumshot, Outdoor Exposure, Orgy Sex, Urination/Peeing
File size: 224.31 MB

Translator’s Notes:
Game stage advances when you visit everyone possible once.
Changing clothes needs Enter key press to confirm the choice.
You can use Ctrl key to skip messages which wasn’t implemented in the base game.

Overview: (Google Translated)

It is a game where you control a girl and talk to various dads scattered in the park to enjoy their dad’s life.
In addition, you can get naked and walk around the park, pee on the riverbank, and do other naughty activities freely.

Mia and Chie came to a certain park.
This is a secret park where girls and gentle dads who seek “papa activity” gather.
Mia is completely accustomed to daddy activities and will guide her for the first time, Chie-chan.
Of course, daddy activity is a naughty thing. If you were playing with each other before your dad’s activity, you might just get excited by two girls … ♪
Let’s enjoy the relaxing and heartwarming, decent daddy’s lively sex!

[H scene]
All do naughty things with older “daddy” and “daddy activity”.
There are many differences in standing pictures. Various H events are hidden in the park.

When a girl gets used to her dad’s activities, she gets more and more radical with her dad!
Even in the same scene, the content becomes more and more radical.

・ Mia
A curious and energetic gal girl.
She is accustomed to daddy life and draws in her classmate Chie.

A quiet and neat child, but with a strong libido and a sullen ear.
She is found masturbating in the classroom after school, and she is introduced to her dad.

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