[SLG] Mother Undressing Game [English]

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Circle: Sistny
Release: Oct/13/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Clothed, Dot/Pixel, Mother, Internal Cumshot, Molestation, Incest

Thank you very much for viewing this page.

Let’s play five sh*tty mini games to get this mother’s clothes off and have sex.
All sex scenes are in pixel animations. There are 9 animations.

You can skip the mini games to see the scenes instantly.

Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version before purchasing.

Passwords for jumping to stages:
STAGE 1: st1eX *
STAGE 2: st1eX *
STAGE 3: st3
STAGE 4: st4
STAGE 5: st5

* In STAGE 1 and STAGE 2, there are numbers on the screen.
Please put the number in [X] to go to the stage.

S key to skip
Esc key to close application

STAGE 1: mouse control
STAGE 2: mouse control
STAGE 3: R to retry
STAGE 4: Right/Left key to move

Bonus Room: Drag to get clothes on/off (uses left button, right button and scroll wheel)

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