[SLG] Oni Boku ~Molesting Ogress Girl~ [English-Partially Uncen]

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Circle: laplace
Translator/Uncensorer: ManlyMarco
Release: Dec/26/2018
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touching, AnimeLoli, Kimono/Japanese Clothes, Brunet Hair, Tiny Breasts

This is a touching simulator! Intuitive direct control with a mouse!
Click & Drag to feel as if you are actually touching this ogress girl!

* High-quality seamless animation!
Using 60FPS sleek animation to give you a realistic experience.
With newly joined staff members dedicated to Live2D, we have pursued the smoothness.

* Many situations!
The number of situations is twice as much as the previous work!
(handjob, touching, fingering and missionary sex)

* Immersive story!
The number of textual characters in the ADV part is also about twice as much as the previous work.

* Synopsis
Shouta lives in a mountain village far away from cities.
One day, he happens to find a mummy stored in an old hut.
It is his carelessness that he touches it and awakens an ogre inside……

Scenes of blowjob and woman-on-top position are planned to be added.

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Awwww sweet ! love ogress


why i cant download this? T-T