[ACT] Undercover investigator Rena Igarashi [English]

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Circle: Almonds & Big Milk
Release: Nov/14/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Violation, Humiliation, Rape, Big Breasts, Large Cock, Ryona/Brutal, 2DCG, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Side-Scroller, Humiliation, Combat

— Prologue

In 2018, in Tokyo, there was a dark form of illegal professional wrestling
It was an illegal death match battle not involving any of the authorities.
There were no rules, and all actions were allowed in the ring.
The spectators became virtually drunk on its real qualities, and bet money based on the odds for each wrestler.
With the large amounts of cash swirling around this dark, illegal pro wrestling, the fight winnings were also substantial and all kinds of ruffians dreaming of getting rich quick gathered around.

The administration could not merely sit back and watch this.
In connection with the investigating authorities, they developed a plan to destroy the illegal professional wrestling.
However, the investigation of this illegal professional wrestling which had strong links with politicians and entrepreneurs.

Rena Igarashi conducted an undercover investigation into this dark world of illegal professional wrestling.
She became the first female fighter.
On the surface, she was a schoolgirl in the ring. But in actual fact she was a special agent for the investigating authorities.

The mission given her was to win in this world of illegal professional wrestling, which was without rules.
She was to destroy each of the ruffians one by one, and expose the actual situation of the organization.

— This is a short version action game.

This is a belt scroll action game on a ring.
If you are defeated by the enemy, you would be r*ped on the spot.

Once you are completely defeated, this turns into an event scene, and humiliating interrogation r*pe in front of an audience.

For those who are not keen on action games, we have implemented secret tricks.
There is also a gallery mode.

— Heroine

Name : Ren Igarashi
Age : 18-years old
History : With a father who was a master of karate, the girl learned competitive wrestling from a young age…
In junior-high school, she was Japan No 1 and when she entered high school she also worked as an agent from an investigative authority.
Lively and bright personality, strong-minded personality, very lively and strict influence. Does not forgive wrongdoing.
Voice : Phan Masaki

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