[ACT] Fairy Story (JP)

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Circle: nekofuguri
Release: Nov/06/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Dot/Pixel, Elf/Fairy, Oral Assault, Interspecies Sex, Worm Sex

One day, fairy sisters named Elisa and Paruru living in a peaceful forest face a serious problem…
For their purpose, they have to answer forest dwellers’ erotic requests and fight erotic creatures.

For her little sister, the elder sister undergoes sexual violation by many different races but…
“I’ll do my best even if I become a fairy onahole!”

– Most controls are done only by arrow keys!
– No game over
– Enjoy multiple characters’ conversation in H scenes
– Pixel art aminations move smoothly!
– Different endings for different pathways
– Female characters are fully voiced!
– Supports keyboard/XBox gamepad control

Can you complete all the H scenes!?

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Thanks you very much for this, i hope you may bring it with english translation