[ACT] Pharmacist’s Memory [JP-EN]

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Circle: Fox Muffler
Release: Feb/02/2018
Work Format: Action
Genre: Witch, Restraint, Captivity, Robot Sex, Short hair, Blonde Hair

When you come to your senses, you find yourself in the Magic Country, that is totally unfamiliar to you.
In this beautiful yet somewhat sorrowful world, you meet a girl like destined as such.
You are being taken into, guided by the girl, the depth of a mysterious would…

– Unique characters and intricate story! Reveal the hidden side of the mysterious kingdom!
– The game system employs a variety of genre; action, card battle, exploration, raising etc.!
– Post-game contents and two types of secret clothes are loaded!
– Find cute characters around the town and captivate them using chemicals you made.
Growing them stronger? Disciplining them? It’s your decision.

This is an epic adult game comes with vast world setting and plenty of characters!

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I can’t save


How to move around ? After making poison for you know what i’m stuck. Don’t know what to do. Can only click house door and lab door and exit button