[RPG] Succubus’ Basket – I was abducted and made a cumpet – ver.1.10 [English]

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サキュバスの籠 – 町外れで薬草を採る最中、淫魔に辻取りされて精液ペット♂にされました

Circle: Ason
Release: Sep/26/2018
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Lots of White Cream/Juices, Nonhuman/Monster Girl, Fantasy, Submissive Man, Big Breasts, Male Protagonist, Rape (Reverse Rape), Female Domination, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Oral Sex, Big Ass

Steam version (uncen)

An ordinary boy was r*ped by a succubus. After being kidnapped
and taken to asmodians’ castle, he is about to become a cumpet…
Can he win his freedom from the succubus?

Collecting medical herbs & Exploring Dungeons & Battle F*ck RPG
You will fight minor enemies and battle f*ck with monster girls.

24 base CGs (not counting pose arts)
17 Defeated H scenes

You can see all the scenes in the reminiscence room
after completed all stages.


* This work is created using RPG TKool VX Ace.

* Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

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