[RPG] Creature Hunter ver.2.0 [English]

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Release: Jul/23/2014
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Clothes Changing, Comedy, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Milking, Interspecies Sex, Futanari/Dick girl

* Premise
The creatures are horny!
Don’t let your pretty hunters succumb to mating urges!
(Or, do.)

* Hype
Watch pretty hunters suffer over 30 kinds of sexual distress:
– torn clothes
– drugging
– giant clit-sizing
– milkgasms
– seed spilling from the womb
– pregnancy, birth

… but don’t let that get you down!
Hunters never give up! Hunters never yield!

Dress the pretty hunters in over 30 kinds of outfits,
each with different attributes that can yield different battle results…
The battlefield is like a fashion stageshow!
Combinations are almost limitless!

* Features
– adjustable difficulty
– active battle
– count system
– equipment creation
– outfit effects
– status effects
– text skip
– gallery mode
– horizontal scrolling
– symbol encounters
– no game over
– mid-battle event art
– customizable hunters
– party organization

* Genres
– futanari
– milking
– plump belly
– lewdness
– bondage
– paizuri
– bug sex
– ghoul sex
– tentacle sex
– just all kinds of monster sex
– clitoris teasing
– eggspawn

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