[VN] Adultery: His Wife is a High School Student [English]

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Circle: elle-MURAKAMI
Release: Jun/15/2007
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Married Woman, Teacher, Uniform, Cuckoldry, Violation, Virgin Female, Female Protagonist, Rape, Blackmail, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Censored, Japanese Game, Sex Toys, NTR, Multiple Endings, Only Bad Endings

Just a heads-up: apparently they forgot to translate the main menu, since when in-game the text is entirely in English. Just press the first option for “New Game” and then the second for “Loading” an existent one.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION translated by a native English speaker!!!
Enjoy its high quality translation!

[A flower is beautiful because of how it looks when it blooms]
Watching a beautiful thing be defiled is what excites you…
A beauitful young girl with good morals being defiled…Watching that is what excites you!!!

[A new wife] X [A high school student] X [A virgin] = Heaven
Destroy her happy world…
Threaten, intimidate and blackmail her, anything goes!

* If you don`t like graphic images of sex or if you are a righteous person, then you should not play this game.

– Brought to you by Elle, the team who are not afraid to bring you wild scenarios!
If you don`t mind a little sin, then you will fully enjoy what we have to offer!

– The female star is fully voiced!
Sexually explicit and filled with sexual jargon.
You will no doubt enjoy the experience from the voice alone!

– You can watch your favorite scenes in our special scene mode over and over again!
Watch those scenes fully voiced by our female star.

– Full voice, Full background music, mixed to provide the ultimate experience!
Of course you can fully adjust all aspects of the sound and music levels.

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