[RPG] I Love Exhibitionism: The Game [English]

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Circle: revorious
Release: Aug/28/2019
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Outdoor, Hentai, Outdoor Exposure, Shame/Humiliation, Big Breasts, Outdoor exhibition, Peeping, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Titfuck, Oral sex, Teasing
Language: English (MTL + Heavy editing)
File Size: 224MB

Translator Notes:
This game was translated using Translator++ then I edited everything almost word by word to a “proper” English level.
– Edited the “hard-written” .png files (status screen and track record, sorry if it looks ugly).
– Added a “Word-Wrapping pluggin” and edited the original message box and font in some part (larger message box, smaller font) to fit the new language.
– Added a western “Keyboard pluggin” and “Character naming pluggin” So that you can use your keyboard to name the classmate of MC instead of original Japanese Kanji writting system included in the game.
– Achievement system is set using a plugin which don’t accept anything beside Japanese Kanji without messing with other game system. So it’s left untranslated

Kanami Komiya is a diligent looking school student,
but she has a secret interest – exhibitionism!

One day she’s invited onto a social media platform
for exhibitionists called RD by a girl called Marina
and gets into some real exhibitionist action!

Explore the town and seek out places to expose yourself!
Strip off, take pics, upload them, and boost your followers.
Show your shame to the world!
You may find more to do than just expose yourself…

43 base CG images
Over 300 variations

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Poop Zor

Thank you so much, exhibitionism is one of my favorite fetishes