[Others] Murasakimori Ritual [JP-EN]

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Circle: Topyu_u
Released: Feb/26/2023
Product format: Miscellaneous Games
Genre: Female Protagonist, Breasts, Dot / Pixel, Internal Cumshot, Breast Milk, Big Breasts, Insect Sex
File size: 66.64 MB

After receiving a request from someone, Freya enters the forest to fulfill the request.
Freya is placed in a situation where she has to take responsibility for performing the ritual there, how will
she successfully seal the ferocious purple monster from now on…
everything depends on the player who can move her consciousness.​

Murasakimori Ritual is characterized by her side scrolling + tower defense elements.
Basically, it is a system where you set up a “tower” and defeat the monsters that attack from the right side of the screen.
Protect the altar from 50Wave (5Wave in the trial version) monster attacks!

Number of dot H actions: 25 (number of folders)
Number of dot animations for the ending event scene: 14 (number of folders)

Basic operation (You can also refer to Readme.txt in the game file)
ESC = Option
←,→ = Move
Z = Confirm
X = Cancel
C = Place Monsieur
Q,W,E,R = Item activation
A = Wave speed up
S = Wave start
V = Freya full body switch

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Awesome game, good DOT animations, even had a good laugh at a few of them. 50 waves takes way too long, expect hours of waiting around just to hit next wave button and waiting some more, especially if you cave and hit the unlimited ‘money’ button. 3/5 wouldve easy been 5/5 if shorter. kept.


Speed hack work in this game but it doesn’t speed the game up.

What it does:
Speed up tower fire rate: you can build slowest tower and do 10x speed to make it shoot 10 times its speed.
Speed up spawn rate: enemy will spawn quicker than normal but their move speed are the same.
Speed up preg rate: this is bad if you just want to collect.

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