[ACT] REVENGE PARADISE ~my grandfather left behind a secret organization~ ver.1.02 [Multi Languages]

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Released: Jun/14/2024
Work Format: Action
Supported: languages Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English
Genre: Clothes Changing / Dress up, 3D Works, Whip / Rope / Candle, Bitch / Slut, Violation, Outdoor Sex, Restraint, Shame / Humiliation
File size: 2.93 GB

[Character Creation] x [Disciplinary Punishment] x [Sex Anytime Anywhere]

Your Very Own Character
You can create a unique character using a selection of detailed parameters!

Not only the main parameters like hairstyle, skin tone, eyes, breasts, rump, etc., but also minor details such as the character’s height, size, shoulder width, arm width, waist, and more can be fine-tuned.

Featuring a selection of voice archetypes… boyish, sadistic, cunning, etc. you can create the girl of your dreams!

Also, by completing tasks and unlocking costumes, you can dress her up… or down, as you please.

Sex Anytime Anywhere!
You can take the girls you’ve created and / or disciplined around the island resort.
Dress them how you please, take them where you want, ogle at them as you desire, and “play” with them anytime you want!

There are secret play spots which are only available via free mode…

Disciplinary Punishment
Upon your grandfather’s sudden departure from this world you inherit a certain island resort, and it turns out to be a secret organization……!
Girls with “special circumstances” are brought here from all over the world.
Having become the “executioner” of this resort, you will receive various tasks, and dish out punishment.
Whether you can subjugate the girls through your discipline is up to you!

Receive a task, chase down the target, catch her and show the girl her place!
Until you have completed the punishment objective, you can enjoy her body as you please.
The more tasks you complete, the more costume and sex positions will be unlocked.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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is there an unlocked version for everything?