[SLG] Densha de Chikan Tatchi (JP)

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Circle: AFKS
Release: Dec/04/2020
Product format: Simulation
Genre: Touch/Feel, Loli, Peeing Oneself, Train, Molestation, Enema, Shame/Humiliation, Urination/Peeing
File size: 84.57 MB

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Is this the already updated version?


look like the eng ver is not here yet


i dont know how to stick it in lol been trying for a while now, got it between her legs and bought the sex animation, dunno what to do haha, any advice?

I don’t understand how to play this? How to touch her breasts? Hands on chest but they do not move. I can only touch it between the legs from behind using the right and left mouse buttons

No way to fuck her


ver 1.04 is out


for the people who do not know how to trigger the h scene u must pleasure her long enough until a button will come out 😛

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5/5 I love this game just too bad there is censorship

any 100% save ??


just wanted to point out an official english version of the game is out (dlsite RJ01000159), hope it gets uploaded here


I create a mod that’s allow you to buy skills and more for 0 points https://gofile.io/d/uubp0u

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