[VN] Former Femdom MILF Captive+ ver.1.7 [English] (PC-Android)

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Circle: Psycho Pierce
Released: Nov/13/2023
Work Format: Visual Novel
Genre: Abnormal / Perverted, Mature Woman / MILF, Queen / Princess, Bondage, Cohabitation, SM, Sexual Training, Brainwashing
File size: 329 MB

An adventure game for masochistic men in which you are forced to marry a MILF queen introduced to you at a marriage agency.

A witch who has been assigned as a guide to a marriage agency leads him to marry an unsold, wacky, menopausal MILF, and a skilled SM club queen.

Includes a Windows version and an Android version.
English and Chinese versions are included. (JP: Japanese / EN: English / CN: Chinese (Simplified))

* This program is for 64Bit Windows. It should work on most current Windows systems, but please try the demo version just to be sure.
* The Android version has the Skip function removed, as it becomes unstable when skipping.
* AI generation by Stable Diffusion 1.5 is used for illustrations in the work.

Update information
Ver 1.5: Event Gallery (scene recollections) is added, the direction is adjusted, and the Android version is included.
Ver 1.7: Config screen design changed, multi-language support (JP: Japanese/EN: English/CN: Simplified Chinese).

The characters
Masae (CV: Ari Sakura)
A sex worker on the verge of 50 years of age and a highbrow dominatrix.
She is looking for a life partner when she retires as a queen.
She is a menopausal sex fiend who is looking for a husband who can also serve as her sex slave.
She is a minefield woman who has completely sold out at the marriage agency.

Mistress (CV: Miru Kurumi)
A woman who acts as an imposter guide at a marriage agency.
In reality, she is a witch who uses a crystal ball to hypnotise and brainwash people,
You are locked inside the crystal ball together with the MILF queen,
You are tricked by this woman in a state where you cannot deny it,
You will be tricked into a wedding ceremony with Mistress Masae.

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

Link 1
Link 2

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