[RPG] The Little Brave ~I do not want to be the Brave Man~ ver.1.3 [English]

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The Little Brave ~僕、勇者になんかなりたくない!~

Circle: Osanagocoronokimini
Release: Sep/17/2013
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Cross-section View, Shota, Senior, Internal Cumshot, Woman Rapes Man, Virgin/Intact Male

An Oneshota animation RPG where a young man is chosen to become a hero.

From the tradition of his village, the protagonist is selected as the hero against his will.
Through the adventure, he has sex with various women and monsters older than he.

8 female characters to choose from.
Various situations such as gentle first-time experience, sleep sex, anal sex, etc.
Erotic scenes are all animated with SE.
More than 130 clips with cross-section view and text options.

Battle is an active-time stripping in a subjective view.
Give damages to tear the clothes of the opponent and win to have sex.
He may be reversely attacked if he loses…

This game has multi-ending patterns: the story changes according to your choices.
Select your difficulty level to suit your purpose.
Clear the game to unlock harem mode for further freestyle play!

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