[SLG] Screw-in simulator TMA02 ver.1.0.1 [JP-EN-CH] (PC-Android)

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Circle: yabukaradoo
Released: Feb/24/2024
Work Format: Simulation
Genre: Touch / Feel, Sexual Training, Fiendish / Brutal, Rape, Stretch / Expansion, Big Breasts, Gut Punch, Body Modification
File size: 527.56 MB

Game System
* A first in ero game history! *
This interactive touching sim features character art from the legendary artist Asanagi of Amane and her ample assets in a precarious vertical split! You won’t want to miss this!

Enjoy the smooth Live2D animations as you teach this rude, lewd VTuber with titanic tits and a pathetic pussy in this onahole simulator.

Over the course of her illustrious VTubing career, her cheeky attitude has made her more than a few enemies.
One day, she wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a rope around her neck, balanced on a single leg atop a stool.
And that’s where the game begins.

Some Words from our Test Players
* So damn hot!
* I love that all the features I could think of were included
* That VOICE!!
* Amane’s orgasm moans are so sexy that I couldn’t stop myself!
* Art.
* Compared to previous entries in the series, there’s a lot of new and improved stuff on offer.
* I love that it feels like you’re really talking with her!
* Might be the first time I got turned on by a girl having a nosebleed.
* It’s like I’m really doing it with Amane.
* There are so many combinations of things to use! Endless entertainment!
* I really liked that there was a time stop feature, as well as smacking, and golden showers.
* Making her my toy and just leaving her there was awesome.
* Playing while listening to Amane moan makes it feel like she’s really there!
* Super natural, and with all the different voiced lines as you tease her, it’s hard not to be turned on all the time.
* You can really feel the attention to detail with the different voices while she’s gagged, etc!
* As a fan of both Asanagi and Amane, this is everything!

CV: Amane Nemugaki (@amane_sopra)
This is an official collab with VTuber Amane Nemugaki!
You won’t believe the variety of voice recordings we have that fully unlock the world of Asanagi.

How you decide to train her will affect her voice in real-time.
She’ll start out defiant, but watch her attitude change as you shape her personality – she’ll be happily drinking your dick milk in no time!
Every single line works with a ball gag! You won’t want to miss out on her realistic performance.

(There are no looped animations in this work. All motions are created by special physical and emotional parameters synced to the sex.)

Customize your experience with options such as ball gags, ear tags, swimsuits, blindfolds, collars, squirt amount and milk yield, dick size, breast, thigh, and butt size, and more!

Click and drag to control:
* Head * Torso * Breasts * Thighs * Male
Each part has different movements. Try them all out to see what you like best!

Double-clicking the following parts will let you smack ’em.
* Head * Torso * Breasts * Thighs
Make sure you train your heifer well!

You can click and drag each part individually, but you can also take things up a notch by using the recording function.
The recording function allows you to combine the actions of multiple parts. Shake her around a little in the first recording, manipulate her tits in the second recording, change the male in the third recording, etc., and then combine them all to create an original animation.
Make your own animation just the way you like it!

Ample Camera Effects
* Change the character lighting to match preset backgrounds
Dim the lights for evening or nighttime scenes for a real sense of obscenity. (Images shown here are from development. Final product may vary.)

* Load your favorite image or video as a background
You can load JPG / PNG / MP4 format files as backgrounds in the game.
Load your own images and videos and recreate your favorite situations.

* Camera effects aplenty
You can turn on/off three camera effects: background lighting effect, light diffusion, and reflection of outlines due to backlight (rim light).
You can use the background image as a light source and adjust the light diffusion and rim light to create a sense of atmosphere.
Enjoy creating your own dramatic video shoot.

* Equipped with a free video recording function!
You can export the game screen as an MP4 video file at any time.

Compatible with an Electronic Masturbator!
Connect your “Hakutou-Hime” electronic masturbator via Bluetooth (PC or Android version) for an even more realistic experience!

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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Link 2

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Hey you. Yeah you. You like fucked up shit? You wanna choke a mesugaki bitch? You like amputees but wouldn’t go so far as guro? Do you hate shit like setups, intros, lore, gameplay, and just want to get straight to business? I’ve seen your Ex history. I know why you go to Ex instead of nHentai. You sick fuck. You fucking freak. Anyways, this is a very short, very well animated, very very well voice acted, highly customizable game using Asanagi’s art. If you don’t already know who that is this might not be a game for you. Gameplay… Read more »

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