[RPG] NINJA GIRL AYAME ver.1.10 [English]

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Circle: housegame
Release: Nov/17/2017
Translator: frostlax
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female Protagonist, Ahegao/Gapeface, Gangbang, Tentacle, Interspecies Sex, Tiny Breasts
File Size: 333.76MB

Translator Note:
GUI and items 100%
Scenes 98%
General dialog 70%
Grammar still not corrected xD.
At this point the only thing thats left is the final boss dialog and ending which idk if i will ever translate myself.
The heavy lifting is done if anyone wanna finish it I assure you will have an easy time with it xD
Also i left a magic cat in the gallery, you can squash it to unlock the full gallery.
– Added weird ass dog(unlock the gallery and give you cheat items) from v1.10 that got overwritten by mistake.
It’s located in the chief house after the prologue and in the gallery room.

In search of a certain something, Ninja Girl Ayame is on a journey.
The location of that something… just happens to be inside the a fortress
roaming with monsters and ruled by violence… The Orc Castle.

In order to gain that something…! For the sake of the Inakahn regions…?
Ayame begins her epic invasion of the Orc Castle…!

[Game Contents]
– This is an Erotic Action RPG. Use ninja tools and arts to take out the enemy
and aim to complete your mission of invading the Orc Castle.

– However! The Inakahn regions are absolutely teeming with monsters!
Monsters that just luuuuuuuv human girls. If they find her, they will surely turn
crazed with lust and attempt to assail and dominate her… If Ayame is caught…

– At first Ayame is calm and composed but the more her body is teased
and tormented the more she will become filled with estrus induced lust…

– Playtime: Approximately 2 to 3.5 hours long.

[Upon defeat…]
– If defeated in battle Ayame will use the last of her strength to get back to the village.
After resting a little, she will return to her mission of invading the Orc Castle.

– However… there are places in the Inakahn regions which are totally and utterly
monster “territory” and if she is defeated there then… she will be captured by the
monsters and undergo a grueling experience leading to a abominable fate…

[Erotic Scenes]
29 base CG + variations
~30% is human x human intercourse.
~30% is human x demihuman (goblins / orcs)
~30% is non-human (tentacles / slime)

* Does not contains depictions of grotesqueness or bleeding
but the BAD endings contain some pretty hardcore violation.

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don’t know who did the translations on this game but they were horrible and no where near what the description states out of 10 dialog boxes u might have 1 that is half translated and I was just in the opening scene this game unfortunately shouldn’t even be considered translated to how bad they are