[RPG] Peeping Dorm Manager [Multi Languages-Uncen]

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Developer: HornyDoge
Publisher: Mango Party
Released: 16 Dec, 2023
Languages: English, English, Japanese, Korean
Game Format: RPG
Genre: animated, male protagonist, sandbox, big ass, big tits, voyeurism, point and click, management, vaginal sex, exhibitionism, netorare, creampie, corruption, voiced
File Size: 566 MB

This game might trigger a virus warning (False positive)

*Game Synopsis*

Peepholes! Eavesdropping! Voyeurism! These are the essential skills for a dormitory manager! Of course, there are also mundane tasks like repairing utilities, cleaning, and taking out the garbage. Yet, they can’t deter you from living with cute college girls, obtaining valuable information from the dormitory, and wooing your tenants!

*Core Gameplay*
-Keyword Collection-
Armed with a notebook recording every significant character’s details, you can gather useful keywords from social networking sites, interaction, or clandestine peeping. Use these keywords to understand their lifestyle patterns and to woo female characters!

-Peephole Cameras-
Many locations in the game can set up cameras. Enjoy a secret voyeur’s pleasure in your manager’s room!

-Gentlemen’s Club-
As an ‘elegant’ gentleman, you can meet like-minded enthusiasts here!

-Club Manager
Pays for your gentlemanly candid shots and sells you useful items!

-The Enormous Shiba Inu
Offers divination help in your conquest of the panties’ owner, just by sniffing the stolen undergarments!

-The Mentor, ‘Takahashi’
Specializes in the ‘Aesthetics of Close Personal Relations,’ where you can learn various skills!

-Miss Mango
The beauty pageant champion, Miss Mango, is surprisingly a convenience store clerk. What encounters can occur with her?

-The Aggrieved, ‘Akira Inoue’
The handsome boyfriend who’s also the drama club president, but always neglects his girlfriend due to video gaming at home.

*Game Features and Style*
*Over 30 H-scene animations*
*Free control of the tempo during certain story scenes!
*Dynamic character illustration!
*Two invincible college girls!
*Three subplot characters!
*Many background easter eggs awaiting your discovery!

If any download asks for a password to unzip, the password is: fapforfun

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At one point I was stuck because the link of the homeless man was broken.
I had to switch the language of the game to be able to click on the link.
Hope it helps anyone having the same problem.


More of an SLG than RPG. Very entertaining with pretty good animations and sound. Those impatient and wanting to speedrun the minigame portions can use CE to find the minigame point values easily (couldn’t find the memory address for money values).

Would rate higher if it didn’t have the bug mentioned by the other commenter, and also if there was a way to make controls keyboard-only or mouse-only.

If you’re into the concept of Handyman Legend meets Home Guard, then this one is definitely worth checking out.



This game is amazing!! Its kidna dont feed the monkies game. Also It has a little bug with Mirai’s quest more info: SPOILER:  Mirai -Finish job then talk to Mirai twice for schedule and keywords -Wait for misaki to spawn in the laundry room for her keywords, then search to spawn park -Search all Mirai keywords(18live, Ai Chan, Diffuser thing) and watch her stream. Diffuser site has a keyword -Stream gives 2 Keywords(Damaged wall and empty room) -Head to 2-C and drill a peephole then wait til Mirai appears and changes clothes(-5 bust size, dating app keyword) -WED Morning check… Read more »


The epilogue it’s some weird NTR shit, if you aren’t into it then don’t bother going for it


this post missing tags: uncensored-games


Peeping Dorm Manager
Art : 8/10
( splendid ) ( characters animations were nice . . . the eye movements was great )

Gameplay : 5.5/10
( the gameplay was mediocre and became obsolete due to fake coin exploit ) ( also time was not really an issue here . . . so you can just skip time to do certain tasks ) ( mystery solving was enjoyable )

Plot : 4/10
( I find it fascinating that the girls were stupid enough for them not to notice the mc stealing their panties or taking a picture of their underskirt )

Uehara Mirai story opinion
( Uehara Mirai mindbreak felt unnatural . . . she could have easily shrugged off the mc or just called the cops [ I mean if she really want to protect her job . . . she could have done that ] instead of unnaturally succumb to lust )

Entertainment : 6/10
( the meme references were cool ) ( some scenes were shocking . . . like wtf )

Characters : 6/10
( the character you’re playing was a scum but thankfully not an ugly bastard ) ( bimbo girls ) ( characters on the bar were great )

Soundtrack : 6/10
( the VA was good but as the game goes on the voice got more and more exaggerated ) ( good music )

Fap Score : 7/10
( h – scenes were executed well but it has the degenerate theme to it ) ( scenes just start from the bat without synchronizing with the dialogue and just loop until you ejaculate ) ( the fetishes were mindbreak , netori , public sex , voyeurism , blackmail , abuse , rape , etc . . . the only missing tags was ugly bastard [ if that tag was in this game . . . I would not probably play this ] ) ( while the animations were good . . . the forceful rape was too much for my liking . . . ntr was cruel ) ( touch / feel was admirable . . . wish there were more )

My Rating : 6.5/10
( in conclusion the porn was great but the theme was for degenerate and it felt like a rape sim ) ( porn aside . . . the game was fine )