[RPG] SIE-Hina’s Online Porn Adventure [English]

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Circle: Almonds & Big Milk
Released: Feb/06/2020
Product format: Role-playing
Genre: Loli, Internal Cumshot, Blowjob / Fellatio, Orgy Sex, Twin Tail, Tiny Breasts
File size: 322.33 MB

— Activating the SIE
Two years has passed since the world’s first VR (Virtual Reality) game was released.
Initially starting with RPG, the VR offering
proliferated to shooting, simulation, and fighting games.

And this year, a revolutionary game was released.

—- Sexual intercourse Ecstasy —-
Known as ‘SIE’ for its acronyms, this game was…
A game of porn.
This is the story of a girl who inadvertently activated the SIE.

— Summary
A delivery arrives at Keiko Ayamura’s house.
The intended recipient was his older brother, Takuto Ayamura.

What’s inside was the red-hot VR game,
Sexual intercourse Ecstasy.

Unable to resist the temptation,
Keiko activates the SIE
in her brother’s room…
Her gamer tag was ‘Hina’.

Once logged inside, Keiko was
trapped by the game master. She couldn’t log out.

Keiko desperately attempts to escape, bu there was no reset button present.
And this was a game of porn…

Hina’s adventure to escape hereby begins.

The heroine encounters many seductive troubles during her quest for escape.
Keiko faces torments including her service to the various customers visiting the sex shop.

“I understand switching jobs, but what’s a seduction barometer?”

The game employs a job hopping, alchemy, random dungeon.
At times, Hina is coerced to have virtual sex with those that know her true identity as Keiko…

The heroine, in great need of an immediate evacuation,
forms an alliance at the pub with a few men in exchange for sex.
Despite their successful completion of the dungeons, Hina’s seduction barometer continues to rise…

— Heroine
Name: Keiko Ayamura
Gamer tag: Hina
Age: 18
Number of family members: 4
Personality: Typical younger sister

— Other
The game’s ending is path-dependent.
There is a hidden sex barometer for some endings.
This is slightly difficult, hence it is documented on the instruction manual.

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