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Developer: Studio Neko Kick
Release: 2019-02-02
Translator: KazeVongola
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female protagonist, Schoolgirl protagonist, Virgin, Rape, Only avoidable rape, Stuck-in-wall, Creampie, Felatio, Ghost, Gangbang, Middle aged men, Large penis, Puzzle, No combat, Short
File Size: 490 MB

The folder also contains a 100% gallery save and a Walkthrough

Kasumi, the class chairman who attends the private high school, was studying without realizing that it was midnight. As a result, Kasumi was trapped in the school.
The school that was locked and closed…
Is Kasumi able to escape from the school… ? It will be a system escape game.
While exploring the school, rely on items and information to try to escape. The aim is to escape various traps and invitations that infest night school and escape as a virgin.
You will lose the virginity if you get H, but you can continue playing the game. Clearing the virginity for the first time is also quite difficult.​

Known bugs/Issues:
The name plates above doors couldn’t be translated as they disappear whenever changed into English.

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Average Game and CG, tough the clue system is badly made because you lose 5 seconds per item you inspect. 3*

rensei rensei

Should be tagged as ADV